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Cheap Wood Tables

cheap wood tables
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latest setup
latest setup
Pretty good and inexpensive custom setup package deal from blade: LKT Instinct+, 7-layer wood FH: Gambler Outlaw, black 2.2mm BH: 729 Cream w/ Transcend sponge, red 2.0mm The blade weighed in at 95g instead of the 85g as marked. Total weight is 184g, which is turning out to be a touch heavier than I prefer. I've been playing with this for almost a month now and am getting used to the speed. Before this I was playing with a 20yr old butterfly blade and the cheap 729 FX Lightning on both sides of it, so this is a step up. Though I'd like to put faster rubber on that old Butterfly blade to see how that feels.
"Hoito" means "care" in Finn and this downstairs restaurant has done a good job of providing cheap good meals for a long time. Can't remember the last time I was inside, let alone the last time I had pancakes. My secret menu favourite: viili, or "clabbered milk", which means it's a yogourt made with a different bacteria.

cheap wood tables