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Dolphin Dining Room Table

dolphin dining room table
    dining room
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July 1st 2008 - Elegant Night
July 1st 2008 - Elegant Night
We woke up late today and realized we missed the sit down breakfast in the dining room. So we headed up to the buffet for a bite. Afterwards Tam went back to the room to change while I walked about to snap a few photos. Later we had a bit of lunch and stepped out on deck to just sit and watch the ocean. Later on we headed over to the gift shop to see what they had there. While Tam was shopping, I headed over to the "Americana Lounge" next door to see what was going on. I learned a few dance steps while watching the 70's dance lessons that they were teaching there. At 3:00 it was "tea time" at Rick's Lounge. We had scones and cucumber sandwiches. At 4:00 we were both getting massages and facials. I tell ya, after carrying equipment and camera's on my shoulders all the time... this was well deserved. We had wanted to have our massages together in the same room, but the Holiday is a smaller ship and the rooms only accomodate one person at a time. So Tam had hers on deck 11 in the gym and I had mine on deck 8 in the spa. Later on we both got ready for "Elegant Night" and while she finished getting ready, I headed out to catch the sunset. By the time she was ready the sun had gone down, but luckily there was still enough pretty sky for this shot. I think the camera got bumped once while someone was passing though, cause this isn't the sharpest picture I've ever taken. After we got our photo, we headed to get our photo taken by the ships photographers and then on to our table at the "Seven Seas" dining room were we were served by Manuel and June. Everyone's so friendly on this ship. Afterwards, we headed back to our room and were greeted with our new towel origami animal... a pig. She was watching TV. Tam then settled down for a little nap while I headed upstairs for a little pizza and ice cream. The great thing about a cruise is the food. Any time that you feel like eating, there it is. The buffet almost always open, but when it's not, the Pizzaria is. Later I went to get Tam so we could go see the comedian "Buzz Nutley". We had a good time at the show despite being a little tired. After the show we set our alarms for an early wake-up and then hit the sack. We're swimming with the dolphin's in Cozumel tomorrow!!
dinner dolphins 32 sunset cropped3
dinner dolphins 32 sunset cropped3
Taken at sea, on the Monarch of the Seas,,a cruise ship run by Royal Carribean. From table 113 in Vincent's Dining Room, deck three, port side, around 6:30. Taken through really thick glass with lots of streaks, unfortunately. Really fancy dinner, and the best show you could ever find. Dolphins in the wild. I like this darker treatment. I cropped out the grey, overcast sky, because, in my opinion, it was distracting. there are two other versions of this in my photo stream.

dolphin dining room table