Citizen Replacement Watch Bands

citizen replacement watch bands
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Seiko 6105-8110
Seiko 6105-8110
The “holy trinity” of vintage Seiko divers is the 62MAS, 6105 and 6309-7040 – so far, I’ve only got one part of the trio, this 6105-8110. (Note the word only!) It’s an iconic watch, but – being a late ‘60s design – it takes quite a narrow strap. This oversize watch has 19mm lugs. Finding the right watch band is a bit of a challenge. Originally they came of a waffle strap. And the original waffles command high prices – more than $200 for an aged band that could snap at any time. So, I got a MarineMaster band and also a new waffle strap (released December 2009) from Jakub Bourdeau at Dawn of Time watchworks. Personally, I prefer the new waffle to the MarineMaster. It’s thicker and shorter, and somehow less angular and modern looking for a vintage watch. Of course, the MarineMaster band looks absolutely fantastic actually on a Seiko MarineMaster. This is a basic, quickly taken pic so I could post my impressions on a watch forum. I’ll get it together to take more artful pics of this beautiful watch. . .
I decided to switch out the stock rubber band on my new Seiko for a shorter aftermarket band that will look better on my wrist. It should, I hope, be here Monday. If not, it'll have to be forwarded to me as I'm going out of town Tuesday. For the curious, this is a Seiko SKX007K1 a.k.a the "007". This is not to be confused with a secret agent with the same numeral alias. The K signifier means this watch was assembled in Malaysia instead of Japan which would be signified with a J. More on the out of town line from before. I'll be visiting family in the country... around two weeks with little to no internet access. So, don't think I'm being unfriendly if I don't comment like I should.

citizen replacement watch bands
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