Wood Bar Height Table - Wood Round Pedestal Table - Black And White Coffee Table

Wood Bar Height Table

wood bar height table
    bar height
  • The height of the bar the stool is recommended for. If the stool's seat height is around 27-29 inches then a bar height of 42 inches or 43 inches is ideal.
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wood bar height table - VIFAH V495T
VIFAH V495T Dartmoor Outdoor Wood Bar Table
VIFAH V495T Dartmoor Outdoor Wood Bar Table
Design: This special table for two is a cozy alternative to classic outdoor dining. Stylish, sleek and strong, this table is a perfect addition to any patio or sidewalk cafe. If you are only looking to furnish a small courtyard area or balcony, this is the table for you. Even if you’ve got a larger area where you’d like to add tables around the pool or across the patio, this is a great piece of furniture. You can create many smaller conversation areas by placing a few of these tables with matching chairs throughout the landscape. That’s what is so great about it! Besides its versatility, the Dartmoor Square table is strong and resilient. You can leave it out on the patio all the year through and its life span will not be affected. Material: The Dartmoor Bar Table is made of Premium Plantation Teak which is grown in sustainable production throughout the seasonally dry tropics in forestry plantations. Plantation grown teak is not exactly the same with the old-growth teak, which is reputable for durability, structural strength, attractive appearance, and sanity smooth surface. However kiln drying allows for sustainable, plantation-grown teak to perform nearly on par with old-growth teak. Similar to the old-growth teak, plantation-grown teak has a rich golden color throughout its grain, and provides an elegant look for any outdoor wood products. It also has a lot of natural oils that make it water repellent, insect resistant, and suitable for use in exposed locations. The wood also has the unique qualities of not rotting or accumulating rust even when joined with metal.

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IMG 1469
IMG 1469
To get the miter rail underneath how I wanted it, I measured the blade-to-miter-slot distance - just under 3" - and then measured 3-1/8" from the ends of the board. It's 4 corners were all perfect 90°s - as per my Woodpecker's CNC machined clamping square. This was care of my local plywood shop. They have their machines set up very well apparently. This meant I could stand the board up on end and use an L-square to draw a perfect line through my marks, which lined up just right. Then marked out - very carefully - all of the holes, and kept switching bits, table heights, and stop depths on my drill for about 30 minutes, getting all the holes exactly right. I triple checked everything this time. No more screw-ups! I waste too much time screwing up. The board is 24" long - parallel to the direction of motion, and a little shy of that in depth, because I made it overhang the blade by about 3/16", then used the new 2-TPI Timberwolf blade from Suffolk Machinery Corp to saw it for a nice - and probably unnecessary - 0-clearance edge. I cut the 4' T-track from a Rockler kit in half with a hacksaw blade, flushed the good (anodized) ends against the right side with the side of a Woodpeckers CNC-machined clamping square, carefully screwed them in, then filed off the little screw points that popped through the bottom, changed to my old crappy - probably 8TPI - wood cutting blade, and cut through the aluminum to flush up this side. I ran it back and forth to keep filing away at the T-track edges. When I switched back to the new blade, it still knocked the aluminum lightly, shaving it even more. I think it's done now. It's honed away enough that it shouldn't hit anymore. I have 2 pretty perfect edges.
Multi-level Island
Multi-level Island
Having several different heights at a work island is very helpful to the more petite cook as well as the taller family members. This island has a work area 30" above the finished floor as well as as the common 36" height with the main sink, dishwasher and wine cooler (not shown) and the 42" heigh breakfast bar for the higher stools.

wood bar height table
wood bar height table
Coaster Bar Stools, Solid Wood Cappuccino with Wheat Back, Set of 2
Dimensions: 17"W x 20"D x 47"H.Finish: Rich Cappuccino, Deep Mocha. Material: Solid Hardwood, Veneer, Microfiber. Set of 2 30"H Bar Stools with Wheat Back Rich Cappuccino Finish. Features wheat back design and durable microfiber seat in a deep mocha. finish.Clean lines and contemporary style.Smooth design and rich coloring is sure to embellish any home environment.Stylish, elegant and a perfect timeless design to your dining room.Matching counter height dining table is available separately.Assembly required.