Rectangular Outdoor Table Cover - Mahogany Breakfast Table.

Rectangular Outdoor Table Cover

rectangular outdoor table cover
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rectangular outdoor table cover - Rectangular Patio
Rectangular Patio Table Cover - Fits Up to 72in.L x 44in.W.
Rectangular Patio Table Cover - Fits Up to 72in.L x 44in.W.
It's easy to spend a fortune on patio furniture and a few storms can wipe that fortune away. Protect against that with this heavy-duty table cover. It features Rain-Tite fabric that protects against rain, snow, sun and dirt and won't crack in cold weather. Air vents reduce inside condensation and wind lofting and StayOn elastic loops fit over legs to keep cover on during high winds and breezy conditions. Includes an elastic cord in the bottom hem for a fast and custom fit. Rectangular cover works on tables up to 72in.L and 44in.W.

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August object of the month- Outdoor triclinium
August object of the month- Outdoor triclinium
Upper-class Roman dining areas were often arranged as three couches around a rectangular table. Each couch was large enough to accommodate three diners (who would recline on their left side). Some outdoor triclinia were fixed structures similar to our reconstruction. The sloping surfaces would be covered with cushions and the food would be placed on a central table by slaves. Why not come and lay around on our outdoor triclinium and imagine what it was like to eat in such luxury! And if you want to bring your own Roman feast then we have a great picnic area for you to enjoy.
cwd1171 ~ Non-Rectangular Crop
cwd1171 ~ Non-Rectangular Crop
cwd1171 ~ Non-Rectangular Crop - This is a suggestion from dramamath (from a LONG time ago). Let's see what we can come up with...use an unusual crop to enhance your image. This is the first photo of Molly and Cleo together! Shortly after I shot this, Cleo (foreground) jumped down! I thought the cat-crop worked here!

rectangular outdoor table cover
rectangular outdoor table cover
Carriage by Timex Women's C2A901 Silver Tone Rectangular Case White Dial Black Leather Strap Watch
Classic lines and timeless features make Carriage the perfect everyday watch.

The rich black and silver-tones of the Carriage by Timex Women's Silver Tone Rectangular Case White Dial Black Leather Strap Watch give it a classy appeal that will complement casual attire. This timepiece features a rectangular silver-tone metal case and bezel with a gleaming polished shine. The rectangular white dial displays black Arabic numerals at all hour positions, a black outside minute track, and silver-tone hour, minute, and second hands. The soft black band is made of genuine pigskin leather and accents the silver-tone features of the watch. The comfortable, adjustable leather band securely fastens with a buckle clasp. This Timex timepiece features reliable quartz movement and is protected by a durable mineral crystal window.