Kitchen Table Chairs Cheap

kitchen table chairs cheap
    kitchen table
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kitchen table chairs cheap - Lipper International
Lipper International 513PK Child's Table and 2-Chair Set, Pink and White
Lipper International 513PK Child's Table and 2-Chair Set, Pink and White
Adorable white & pastel table & chairs sets. Any toddler would love being creative with this cheerful set.

It is difficult to throw a tea party for one's best dolls and favorite stuffed animals when the preschool-aged host can't reach the kitchen table to serve cookies and pour tea. Likewise, young artists struggle to create masterpieces when their eyes barely are level with the table's top. To accommodate the younger and smaller set, Lipper International offers this table and chair set. The child-sized set consists of a square table and two chairs. The chairs' 10-3/4-inch seat height enables children to crawl up and settle in with ease. The set is suitable for use in the bedroom, playroom, or kitchen.
Made in Thailand, the table and chairs feature beech wood construction for durability throughout one's childhood and beyond. The chairs' vertical spindle backs ensure sturdy leaning support, while the tabletop simplifies cleaning woes with its scratch resistant surface. For a playful feel, non-toxic paint in contrasting hues coat the beech wood. Color combinations available include blue and white, green and white, and pink and white. To clean the set, wipe pieces down with a soft damp cloth and dry immediately to hinder water damage on the wood. Use a mild soap on marks and stains. Markers may stain, so Lipper International recommends avoiding such art implements in favor of crayons or washable paints at the table set. The set best befits indoor use. Upon delivery, some assembly is required. The table measures 22 by 20-1/2 by 18-3/4 inches, while the chairs each measure 10-1/2 by 10-3/4 by 22-7/8 inches. The set weighs 24 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

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Yes, that really is what color my kitchen walls are. I like to call it neon tennis ball...and I love it. We got a new table/chairs set for Christmas so I thought I'd post it! They're from Ikea. The table runner is from Kohl's. The print on the wall is from We still need something over in that far corner but I don't know what yet. In the corner to the left of the print that you can't see is a tall black bookcase. We just put the hardwoods in a few months ago. We got them SUPER cheap from lumber liquidators. It used to be dingy carpet, but these floors are so bright and clean.
kitchen side living room
kitchen side living room
This is the full view of the wall going to the kitchen, and you can see the chair I got for 5 bucks (the matching one is on the other side of the room, beside the sideboard) I recovered it in great vintage baroque patterened bark cloth. I love that damn green Blenko lamp. I really do. Particularly against the dark bronze wall. The room is a mix of expensive and very very cheap. I think it works.

kitchen table chairs cheap
kitchen table chairs cheap
Texsport Bazaar Armchair (Blue, 20.07-Inch X 32.26-Inch X 31.48-Inch)
The Texsport Bazaar Armchair is a large folding/colapsing armchair. It has rugged 600 denier coated fabric and a heavy-gauge 15mm steel frame. It weighs only 5.06 pounds and comes with a carry/storage bag.

Sit in relaxed comfort with a favorite beverage within arm's reach at the campsite, tailgate, or backyard BBQ in this stable, durable folding chair from Texsport.
The five-pound chair's easily folding design collapses down to fit in an included carrying and transport bag for easy portability. Rugged 600-denier coated material and a 15-millimeter steel frame combine to create a practically indestructible chair, and its 31.5-by-32-by-20-inch (W x H x D) open size provides ample room for relaxed types of all sizes.