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                                                                        Photography By Michelle Maffei                                                                       

2009 calendar  



**NEW**  REDUCED PRICE!!  The 2008 calendar is now $10.00 and the fund raiser is closed.  Stay tuned for next year's calendar by Michelle Maffei coming this fall!


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I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Acceptance MarkBy the way, I am now accepting PayPal!*  Please note that by default, your $4.00 donation will go to the AOMCI treasury.  If you would like to have it go specifically to the Yankee Chapter's or Maple Leaf Chapter's treasury, you will need to let me know by emailing me.  Thanks!

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Reduced price: $10.00


Video Links:

AOMCI at Wayland

AOMCI at Shelton: Part 1

AOMCI at Shelton: Part 3

AOMCI at Belgrade

AOMCI at Lowell: Part 1

The Grand Finale!

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My name is Michelle Maffei.  My family has been involved in the Antique Outboard Motor Club for quite some time now, as part of the Yankee Chapter.  My brother, Keith, and I have been known in the club for making videos of the meets we go to, which we have been posting on YouTube.  I enjoy photographing at the meets, too.  Because so many people have told me they admire my outboard photography, I decided to select 13 of my best pictures and design a 12 month 2008 wall calendar with them!  (Plus a page for December 2007.)

My goal is to sell at least 200 calendars.  Forty-five percent of the profit from the calendar sales will be donated to the Antique Outboard Motor Club.  The price of the calendar is $16.00, so that means $4.00 from every sale will go to the club.

Thanks for checking out my web page!  If you want to see the videos, I've listed a few of the links to the left of this column.  I hope you enjoy all the work I have done!



                                                               Michelle Maffei

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