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"Damian Digital Productions" was created by Michelle Maffei.


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Classic Outboard Boats and Motors 2009 calendars

$15.00 each

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Damian Digital Productions (a.k.a. Michelle Maffei) is coming out with a new outboard calendar for 2009, and this time it is called Classic Outboard Boats and Motors.  It features a variety of sought-after names ranging from the outboard giant, Mercury, to the rare and unusual Waterwitch.  Some of the motors are beautifully restored and run well, while others are kept looking original and still run well!  All photos, unless otherwise noted, were taken by Michelle Maffei in a colorful New England setting.  Just about every motor featured is owned by a member of the Antique Outboard Motor Club's Yankee Chapter, so to give back to the club and also promote the outboard boating hobby and history of the technology, 12% of the profit on each [$15.00] sale will be donated to the AOMCI!

      ^ Front Cover - click photo to enlarge. 


Last year's calendar was a success in that $176.00 was donated to the AOMCI treasury, and $116.00 was donated to the Yankee Chapter treasury.  Just a note on the way the club fund raiser will work this year: since the subjects in this calendar belong to Yankee Chapter folks, by default, the donation from your calendar purchase will be awarded to the Yankee Chapter treasury unless otherwise specified.  If you are a member and would like to benefit your local chapter, please send me an email with a link to where your chapter's treasurer's contact information is posted, and perhaps we can work your chapter into the fund raiser, too!


- The Calendar -

       ^ Back Cover - click photo to enlarge.


 Calendar Specs:

Sixteen month calendar.  Color photographs.  Full size (opened up): 11 x 17 inches.  Pages: 80 lb. book stock.  Cover: 80 lb. cover stock; glossy.  Full bleeds (that means the photos don't have white borders).  Total of 28 pages (including cover), so every month of 2009 gets a photo and a dates page.  September 2008 to December 2008 share one photo and one dates page with some space for writing notes.  Drill holes for hanging.  Saddle stitched (stapled).  Includes many holidays.  Daylight savings time and the change of seasons noted.  Boats and motors featured in pictures identified on dates pages.  Printed by The Calendar Factory.


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Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping (or at least 2-3 days if it is a holiday gift!).  Calendars are expected to start shipping this fall.



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