Wood coffee tables with storage - Merlot butterfly leaf dining table.

Wood Coffee Tables With Storage

wood coffee tables with storage
    coffee tables
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1969 (26) Jan-Apr > Chester > Open Design
1969 (26) Jan-Apr > Chester > Open Design
During the period from January 9th to Lynn’s return, Open Design was my most time-consuming activity. My diary reveals long, exhausting hours spent in the cramped workshop. For example, on Feb 3rd: “10am-9pm sanding, polishing and varnishing; returned at 2am to apply a second coat.” It was, after all, my only means of income, and I was a novice. One of the first items I made was a set of bunk beds. They took shape painfully slowly because Dave had to show me how to do even the simplest task. Our rate for those bunks worked out at 10d (4p) an hour! I said it was painful: on one occasion, Dave was holding a strip of webbing taut for me to secure it with tacks, and I hit his thumb instead of the tack. The speed at which his screams of agony turned into laughter was testimony to Dave’s affable nature and our friendship. The workshop was awful. During the day we used a paraffin heater, but sometimes glue wouldn’t take overnight because it was too cold – and it was an unusually cold winter, with snow, etc. There were no fans to extract the dust so we wore masks, which were uncomfortable, but a greater problem was having to apply polyurethane or paint in a dusty environment. If we opened the doors to let the dust out, we froze. The ceiling was low, so the 17ft (5m) planks from Letherens woodyard had to be cut down, resulting in less efficient use of the wood. We only had a small bench saw, so ripping a longish piece was a challenge, and not a little dangerous. When one item was nearing completion, it left little room for working on the next job. When two items were being assembled, one of them simply had to go outside – for example, the table/storage unit in the photograph. Taken by: Dave
Made from oak in a clear matt finish to showcase the natural beauty of the timber, artisan combines practicality and looks. With its fexible extending tables (including a flip-top table for those smaller spaces), capacious cabinets and sideboard, display cabinets and range of occasional pieces, it provides a full solution for your living and dining rooms. A modern ercol classice, artisan features the crisp detail of chamfered legs and table top edges, with the gentle curves of the drawers and door handles - a showcase of shaping solid wood. artisan is shown here with our slatted back chair, although it is also availabe with a fully upholstered back.

wood coffee tables with storage