Folding Patio Table And Chairs

folding patio table and chairs
    patio table
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folding patio table and chairs - 5pcs Java
5pcs Java Teak Outdoor Patio Folding Table and Chairs Set
5pcs Java Teak Outdoor Patio Folding Table and Chairs Set
You will receive a total of 1 round table and 4 folding chairs.
Round Table Dimension: 48"W x 48"D x 29.5"H
Folding Chair Dimension: 18"W x 23"D x 36"H
Finish: Light Teak Oil Strain
Material: Indonesia Teak
5pc Outdoor Patio Folding Table and Chairs Set Java Teak Design
Teak wood is an extremely dense course grained hardwood and is widely known for its durability.
The teak product is made from environmentally friendly plantation teak in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The plantation is regulated government agency who set guidelines as to the number and size of trees which can be harvested, as well as the numbers of trees which are replanted fot future generations.
This teak table includes 2 inch umbrella hole with solid brass fittings.
Conveniently designed lower pole catch eliminates the need for an umbrella base or pole weight.
Chairs are easily folds away for convenient storage and transport.
Mortise and tenon joinery for exceptional strength and longevity.
Knock down design.

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patio table 001
patio table 001
patio table saved from the land fill on earth day, April 22, 2009.
wet patio table
wet patio table
Standing on the top rung of a ladder I finally clicked this.

folding patio table and chairs