Diningroom Tables And Chairs - Black Dining Room Table Sets.

Diningroom Tables And Chairs

diningroom tables and chairs
  • seomra bia [shoemru bee]
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New High Chair
New High Chair
Our first high chair had problems with the tray. Our second high chair... had problems with the tray. Our third high chair... well that one isn't actually a problem, but we won't see it until July. (It's the Ikea Antilop and we'll pick it up when we're in San Diego this summer. I suspect we'll use it as HL's chair in the livingroom.) The first one now sits at the diningroom table (sans tray) and works well in that capacity. The second is in the basement waiting for replacement parts so that I can sell it on Craigslist. The third -- as I mentioned -- is in San Diego. AND THIS IS NUMBER FOUR. So far, so good -- it's very solid, HL doesn't object to it and the tray functions properly. But it's only day one.
Echo Makes Her Move
Echo Makes Her Move
We play with the curtains closed... just in case any nosy neighbours might be around. I'm not sure which would look odder... the GSD playing chess... or the cat head. (Okay... seriously. I need some kinda support group or something to help me tear myself away from PS... and all that it entails. AGGHH!)

diningroom tables and chairs