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mission collection furniture
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mission collection furniture - Dream On
Dream On Me Mission Collection Style Toddler Bed, Espresso
Dream On Me Mission Collection Style Toddler Bed, Espresso
Dream on Me "Mission Collection" Style Toddler Bed Espresso

The Dream On Me "Mission Collection" Style toddler bed is tastefully designed to emphasize simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels. Designed low to the floor for your toddler’s ease of getting in and out of bed, featuring two safety guard rails and a beautiful non-toxic finish. The perfect transition for toddlers who have outgrown their cribs but are still too small for an adult bed. This bed takes a standard Dream On Me crib mattress (sold separately). Comes complete with all tools necessary for easy assembly. JPMA Certified.

Assembled: 54"L x 29.5"W x 28"H
Product Weight: 35lbs

86% (8)
Enchanted Elegant Collection Display Cabinet ~ 1:12 Scale
Enchanted Elegant Collection Display Cabinet ~ 1:12 Scale
The elegant lady who owned this gorgeous green cabinet with custom made flower handles from Paris loved to travel the world and collect beautiful artistic creations that tickled her fancy, brought to mind a memory or something she just liked… Each item in her collections cabinet held a memory for her from some point or event or person in her life. The snazzy roadster convertible was a birthday gift one year from her late husband. It was an exact replica of the convertible he drove and the one in which they were sitting in outside an ice cream parlor eating ice cream when he proposed to her… The silly Jack in the Box with the green with white polka dots box had been her son’s favorite toy when he was a toddler. That Jack in the Box was the only treasure in her cabinet which filled her with both joy and deep sadness and grief. The joy came to her in leaps and bounds when she remembered her toddler son’s big smile, his wonderful giggle laugh, and his little hands clapping in delight when the man pooped out of the box. She could always hear that giggle in her head. The sadness, that deep heartbreaking sadness, which was always there, was due to the fact that her beloved baby boy never reached adulthood or even his teen years. He died when he was 9 years old. He was her only child and after his death, she decided, she would never have another child. Because he was so much, so very much, any other child would pale compared to him. The beautiful lady in a white ball gown statue had quite a history. Her older brother had been a full bird colonel in the Air Force during WW2…. He was recruited by the President to go on a secret mission into Russia as spy. While there, a woman… approached him and asked him to take this lady statue back to America with him when he went home. Apparently, it had belonged to the wife of Czar Nicolas who had it made especially for his Czarina as a gift. The woman who was giving away this treasure did not want it to fall into the hands of the Nazis… Yes, each item or treasure in her collections cabinet held a memory and had its own story…much like a book which when opened spills out its tale to the reader. … She died at age 97 and died very peacefully in her sleep… She “awoke” to the smiling and laughing faces of her toddler son, her husband, her parents, grandmother, brother, and all the rest she knew and loved in her life on the other side. ~ Original Story & Edited for Flickr by Marsha J. West, Author ~not to copied, reproduced or used in any media or medium or blog. This Enchanted Elegant Collections Display Cabinet in 1:12th Scale is listed in my shop, Enchanticals, at Etsy. For information on how to view the listing, please see my profile.
Brennan by Ashley Furniture
Brennan by Ashley Furniture
Rich craftsmanship and country design comes to life with the rugged beauty of the mission styled Brennan collection. The warm oak stained finish bathes this furniture with a rich inviting feel that transforms the atmosphere of any living area. With the raised panel details and rustic styled hardware, this entertainment wall captures the true essence of finely crafted furniture from a time gone by. Relax within the warm inviting atmosphere of the rustic Brennan collection. Constructed with select oak veneers and hardwood solids. Chamfered leg details. Chairs feature a pierced back splat. Rich warm finish features hand rubbed enhancements. Multi-color seat upholstery. Antique bronze colored hardware. Metal footrest cover. Tables feature self-storage leaf.

mission collection furniture
mission collection furniture
Sedona Seating Set by Mission Hills® Furniture
Create a warm and inviting outdoor living space with the Sedona 4pc Deep Seating Collection by Mission Hills®. This innovative collection features a wicker loveseat, two reclining club chairs and an ottoman coffee table. The loveseat comfortably seats two people and easily converts into a daybed by extending the footrest and unfolding the seat cushion. Included are two decorative accent pillows which are reversible with a solid or print option. Hidden in the armrests are two pullout trays to hold cold drinks or party snacks. Generously sized at 33" wide, the two reclining club chairs offer roomy and comfortable seating. The adjustable chair back offers five different reclining positions. Each chair is outfitted with mildew and fade-resistant Sunbrella ® fabric cushions in a light spice color. These cushions are soft and durable and will withstand intense sunlight, heat exposure and numerous cleanings. The ottoman coffee table comes with a movable metal tray and acts as a convenient footstool for both club chairs. The ottoman cushion is reversible with a solid or print option. The Sedona 4pc Deep Seating Collection will provide years of comfortable lounging and is great for entertaining with family and friends. Soak up the sun or find relief from those hot summer nights.