Country Style Sofa Table

country style sofa table
    country style
  • typical of the country; "country-style sausage"; "country music"
  • Country Style is an album by American folk musician Ramblin' Jack Elliott, released in 1962.
  • Country Style, formerly Country Style Donuts, is a chain of coffee shops operating primarily in the Canadian province of Ontario (where it ranks 2nd among coffee and donut chains), which serves donuts, soup, sandwiches, salads, and coffee. The chain is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
    sofa table
  • (Sofa Tables) A sofa table is not unlike a Pembroke table, having similar folding flaps which are hinged and can be raised and held by concealed brackets.
  • (sofa tables) (inĀ  drop-leaf table (furniture))
  • (Sofa tables) are similar to Pembroke tables and usually have longer and narrower tops. They were specifically designed for placement directly in front of sofas for serving tea, writing, dining, or other convenient uses.

French country style
French country style
This dry autumn is stretching out like the rain-starved, near-desert area that Colorado really is. Nevertheless, there was an abundace of color. The foliage around this French country style house caught my eye probably because it literally burst with saturation so I decided to expose for the backlit foliage and see what a second RAW layer might produce. Here are the original RAW unbutchered by Lightroom and the converted, multi-layer realization. Well it was an exercise anyway. I expect that French Provincial means from the provinces and not staid. This view is just off west 9th Avenue and although this is not France, the street west becomes the road to Lyons, Colorado, that is. Small joke there. It appears that the owners have been collecting plantings for some time. This shot may seem to be a little out of my genre but I studied architecture for an amazing number of years of at CU. Well some of the time was spent studying but an appreciable amount of time had to be devoted to partying. For those who have never heard of Cu's reputation as a party school suffice it to say I enrolled the year Playboy de-listed CU as number one on their top ten party schools for having turned professional. I survived but but you might not if I start on the stories. In any case, here is an environmental view of a house that cost a lot in roofing materials. The exposure was 1/50sec @ f/16 @ 44mm on the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G normal-zoom. This exposure was hand held.
Genesee Country Museum - Hyde (octagon) House - Parlor
Genesee Country Museum - Hyde (octagon)  House - Parlor
Another look at the Parlor in the Hyde House. Here you see the elegant Rococo Revival style sofa and matching chair. The center table is also in the Rococo Revival style design. To the far right is an ornate Estes organ. The wallpaper is absolutely perfect for this room. This octagon style house is located in the Turn of the Century section at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, 1410 Flint Hill Road (George Street) in Mumford, NY.

country style sofa table
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