Pictures of antique tables. Wenge round dining table.

Pictures Of Antique Tables

pictures of antique tables
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Antiques (She found a fish"me")
Antiques (She found a fish"me")
While on business in Dalian I took a day to do some sight seeing. While my wife went for some noodles I explored and found this antique market. They had all kinds of stuff on thier tables including old vintage silver coins from all over the world going back to 1890's. So I cut them down on the price where I bought 6 coins for $20 always having in the back of my mind can these be fake even though they look so real and old!! When back in Canada l looked into these coins only to discover that they were fake. I cannot beleive how good of a job they did knocking of these coins. They were so detailed and even each coing were different sounding as the originals!! I am waiting for the day they can knock of a ferrari so I can buy one for couple of grand!! PS. Even though once in a while I do get taken in on some knock offs, I still love and adore china and it's people. Even people like this woman in my picture have beautiful characters and do what they do to make a small living.
My New Antique Sewing Machine's Cabinet!
My New Antique Sewing Machine's Cabinet!
This is the cabinet for my antique Singer treadle sewing machine. This particular type of cabinet is not as common as the typical cast iron base table that is usually seen with these machines. It is called a parlor cabinet. The tall narrow door on the left houses five drawers for bits and bobs. The tall narrow door on the right houses the cast iron wheel thingy. The two bottom center doors open outward and the top center doors which have no knobs open inwards. In the middle is a large open compartment which houses the machine when it is hidden in the cabinet and when the sewing machine is out the center is where your legs go. This is where the foot peddle is located to work the machine. In the picture the sewing machine (made in 1921) is in the cabinet. The machine inside is in amazing shape and in working order. It is a 'red eye' model. Red Eye is the name of the decal pattern.

pictures of antique tables