Mirrored Round End Table

mirrored round end table
    end table
  • (End tables) are small tables typically placed beside couches or armchairs. Often lamps will be placed on an end table.
  • A table is a type of furniture comprising an open, flat surface supported by a base or legs. It may be used to hold articles such as food or papers at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting, and is therefore often used in conjunction with chairs.
  • (End tables) Usually bought in pairs, they accent the style of the coffee table or other furniture. Usually placed at the end of the sofa, it is a very important piece of a living room set.
  • like or characteristic of a mirror image
  • Keep a copy of some or all of the contents of (a network site) at another site, typically in order to improve accessibility
  • Mirrored is the full-length debut album by American experimental band Battles, released on May 14, 2007 in the United Kingdom, and on May 22, 2007 in the United States.
  • (Mirroring (psychology)) Mirroring is the behaviour in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them.
  • Correspond to
  • (of a reflective surface) Show a reflection of
  • Alter (a number) to one less exact but more convenient for calculations
  • wind around; move along a circular course; "round the bend"
  • from beginning to end; throughout; "It rains all year round on Skye"; "frigid weather the year around"
  • Give a round shape to
  • Pass and go around (something) so as to move on in a changed direction
  • a charge of ammunition for a single shot
mirrored round end table - Hooker Sanctuary
Hooker Sanctuary Round Mirrored Accent Table 3014-50001
Hooker Sanctuary Round Mirrored Accent Table 3014-50001
Shop for Nightstands from BedroomFurnitureMart.com! Tall and proud as a gold statue the Round Visage Mirrored Nightstand gleams from its antiqued gold visage finish. The curved sculpted legs add a nice theatrical flair meeting at a delicate art shelf. The gently routed top frames a striking antiqued mirror that adds color and light to anything set upon it. Constructed of extra-strong engineered hardwoods and richly-grained veneers. The only question: what is worthy to put on it?About Hooker Furniture CorporationFor 83 years Hooker Furniture Corporation has produced high-quality innovative home furnishings that seamlessly combine function and elegance. Today Hooker is one of the nation's premier manufacturers and importers of furniture and seeks to enrich the lives of customers with beautiful trouble-free home furnishings. The Martinsville Virginia based company specializes in lifestyle driven furnishings like entertainment centers home office furniture accent tables and chairs.Construction of Hooker FurnitureHooker Furniture chooses solid woods and select wood veneers over wood frames to construct their high-quality pieces. By using wood veneer pieces can be given a decorative look that can't be achieved with the use of solid wood alone. The veneers add beautiful accents of color and design to the pieces and are placed over engineered wood product for strength. All Hooker wood veneers are made from renewable resources and are located primarily on the flat surfaces of the furniture such as the case tops and sides.Each Hooker furniture piece is finished using up to 30 different steps including 13 steps of hand-sanding and accenting. Physical distressing is done by hand. Pieces receive two to three coats of solid lacquer to create extra depth and add durability to the finish. Each case frame is assembled using strong mortise-and-tenon joints which are then reinforced by mechanical fasteners and glue. On most designs end panels extend to the floor to add strength and

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Little Snow White
Little Snow White
o3|o4|2oo8 Long, long ago, in the winter-time, when the snowflakes were falling like little white feathers from the sky, a beautiful Queen sat beside her window, which was framed in black ebony, and stitched. As she worked, she looked sometimes at the falling snow, and so it happened that she pricked her finger with her needle, so that three drops of blood fell upon the snow. How pretty the red blood looked upon the dazzling white! The Queen said to herself as she saw it, "Ah me! If only I had a dear little child as white as the snow, as rosy as the blood, and with hair as black as the ebony window-frame." Soon afterwards a little daughter came to her, who was white as snow, rosy as the blood, and whose hair was as black as ebony--so she was called "Little Snow-White." But alas! When the little one came, the good Queen dies. A year passed away, and the King took another wife. She was very beautiful, but so proud and haughty that she could not bear to be surpassed in beauty by anyone. She possessed a wonderful mirror which could answer her when she stood before it and said- "Mirror, mirror upon the wall, Who is the fairest of all?" The mirror answered- "Thou, O Queen, art the fairest of all," and the Queen was contented, because she knew the mirror could speak nothing but the truth. But as time passed on, Little Snow-White grew more and more beautiful, until when she was seven years old, she was as lovely as the bright day, and still more lovely than the Queen herself, so that when the lady one day asked her mirror- "Mirror, mirror upon the wall, Who is the fairest fair of all?" it answered- "O Lady Queen, though fair ye be, Snow-White is fairer far to see." The Queen was horrified, and from that moment envy and pride grew in her heart like rank weeds, until one day she called a huntsman and said "Take the child away into the woods and kill her, for I can no longer bear the sight of her. And when you return bring with you her heart, that I may know you have obeyed my will." The huntsman dared not disobey, so he led Snow-White out into the woods and placed an arrow in his bow to pierce her innocent heart, but the little maid begged him to spare her life, and the child's beauty touched his heart with pity, so that he bade her run away. Then as a young wild boar came rushing by, he killed it, took out its heart, and carried it home to the Queen. Poor little Snow-White was now all alone in the wild wood, and so frightened was she that she trembled at every leaf that rustled. So she began to run, and ran on and on until she came to a little house, where she went in to rest. In the little house everything she saw was tiny, but more dainty and clean than words can tell. Upon a white-covered table stood seven little plates and upon each plate lay a little spoon, besides which there were seven knives and forks and seven little goblets. Against the wall, and side by side, stood seven little beds covered with snow-white sheets. Snow-White was so hungry and thirsty that she took a little food from each of the seven plates, and drank a few drops of wine from each goblet, for she did not wish to take everything away from one. Then, because she was so tired, she crept into one bed after the other, seeking for rest, but one was too long, another too short, and so on, until she came to the seventh, which suited her exactly; so she said her prayers and soon fell fast asleep. When night fell the masters of the little house came home. They were seven dwarfs, who worked with a pick-axe and spade, searching for cooper and gold in the heart of the mountains. They lit their seven candles and then saw that someone had been to visit them. The first said, "Who has been sitting on my chair?" The second said, "Who has been eating from my plate?" The third, "Who has taken a piece of my bread?" The fourth, "Who has taken some of my vegetables?" The fifth, "Who has been using my fork?" The sixth, "Who has been cutting with my knife?" The seventh, "Who has been drinking out of my goblet?" The first looked round and saw that his bed was rumpled, so he said, "Who has been getting into my bed?" Then the others looked round and each one cried, "Someone has been on my bed too?" But the seventh saw little Snow-White lying asleep in his bed, and called the others to come and look at her; and they cried aloud with surprise, and fetched their seven little candles, so that they might see her the better, and they were so pleased with her beauty that they let her sleep on all night. When the sun rose Snow-White awoke, and, oh! How frightened she was when she saw the seven little dwarfs. But they were very friendly, and asked what her name was. "My name is Snow-White," she answered. "And how did you come to get into our house?" questioned the dwarfs.
52.24 - Look pretty!
52.24 - Look pretty!
Hummm. Funny week. I've been working and alone and cold and tired. I've broken out of a car park, had a sober but fun New Year's Eve, and a very cold lunch today. And Scrabulous has returned to Facebook. Except that it's called Lexulous now. But it's still got all my old games on it :) Last Mondayyyy. I... went to work. And I can't remember what happened really... Oh! I had coffee and chats with Caroline before work :D Same for Tuesday. Except that when I came home all my family had gone. Oh and I stalled at a junction on the way home, couldn't re-start the engine for a few minutes and had to get pushed to the side of the road by the nice bus driver who was behind me at the lights. Oh and the headlights are screwed. They've been funny for a while, you try to dip them and they go off, but now there's the added twist that they won't come back on. You have to fiddle around a lot to get anything other than sidelights or full beam. You can choose between being invisible or dazzling other drivers, not the best thing to happen when you meet another car on a narrow twisty country lane... So I've been keeping them dipped and driving slower for safety's sake. Dad took Grandma home and the others followed on and they all went to Granny's, I couldn't go because I had to work. They've just come back this evening so I've been allll allloooonnnee for the rest of the week. It's been ok, I've managed to fend for myself. Being able to drive helps somewhat. I find that being on my own at home is fun a) when you're in the mood for it and b) to start with. When it's the wrong time of the month, the weather's very cold, you work a lot and you've been alone a few days it tends to make you feel a bit miserable. Boo. The internet is fairly comforting, but there's a limit. I found that the biting cold (inside the house too, even when the heating's on) made me want to hole up in one room with my laptop and big fluffy dressing gown. So not much washing up or tidying got done for the first few days. On Wednesday (New Year's Eve) I worked from 9.35 until 6.05, and covered jewellery and watches for the last hour. I was pretty rubbish at that as I didn't know about any of it, didn't know which of the dozens of keys opened which cabinet, and had no idea where gift boxes or reservations would be! At 6pm the store closed and I had to cash-up. I managed to drop some of the receipts (signing for Debenhams cards etc) down between the glass jewellery cases which was annoying and made me even slower at cashing up. I dashed upstairs with the cash bags and on the way gave Jenny from Lingerie a fright & explained that I might miss my park & ride bus. (the did a "Saturday Service" on NYE, which means the last bus leaves town at 6.15). I handed the till bags over, grabbed my stuff and started running up the street. But just as I got halfway I saw the bus going round the roundabout at the top of the street, heading out of town. Uh oh. I checked the bus stop in case there happened to be another bus, there wasn't of course. Then I asked a taxi driver how much to the Park & Ride car park, ?6 he said. It's a 5 minute journey. So I sat in the bus stop & considered my options, and texted Amy to tell her what was going on (I was planning to go to her house & then out). I was getting pretty worried and miserable by this time, what with coldness and hopelessness and feeling silly. But then Jenny & her husband(partner?) drew up in the bus stop and gave me a lift out. Phew. I was very very very grateful for that. When we got to the car park the barriers were down and there was no-one there to let me out (even though you're not meant to park there over night). So, after scraping the ice off the car with the scraper they kindly gave me, I went up over the kerb and the grass and broke out. I had to go through a red light too as they turn off the filter for the Park & Ride at night :s Anyway. I eventually got to Amy's and changed there, then gave her and Kat (who was there already) a lift into Taunton. We met Cat and Sarah H and a few other people in Perkin before heading over to Shout (ohyes!). We stayed there for the rest of the night and saw plenty of people we knew from school or college as well as what seemed to be half the staff of Debenhams. Cat is a well-known crazy dancer (she once had a dance off with someone in Shout... she won) and was, of course, doing her best. Unfortunately this led to a rather strange group of men gathering around her (and dancing too). They were all quite short, possibly of Indian extraction and wearing polo shirts or parkas. Very odd. After the less than thrilling countdown to midnight, and a proposal over the PA from some bloke (she said yes), I gave Amy a lift home and Sarah came and stayed over at my house. It was nice to have some company! And to not drive home on my own! After Sarah went home on Thursday (we got up at about 11.30) I had lunch and spent most of the afternoon huddled over th

mirrored round end table