Antique White Kitchen Tables. Drop Leaf Pub Table Sets. Toddler Wooden Table And Chair Set

Antique White Kitchen Tables

antique white kitchen tables
    antique white
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antique white kitchen tables - Status Series
Status Series 600 Combo Storage Unit, Antique White
Status Series 600 Combo Storage Unit, Antique White
601-88 The unique, simple yet elegant Parisian inspired lines add to the richness of the Birkdale Combo Dresser for that traditional neo-classic inspired European nursery. The Combo Dresser features rolled sleigh tops with gently outward curving sides and back strap holes, providing safety and stability for changing your baby. Features: -Combo Unit. -Finish: Antique White. -Rolled sleigh tops with gently outward curving sides. -Parisian inspired design. -Solid box construction drawers. -Solid hardwoods and wood construction. -Colored classic wood knobs. -Built in holes, for the changing pad safety straps, allow it to function as a changing table.

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Table Apron
Table Apron
These are the table side panels that frame the table and connect the top to the legs. Very simple and sturdy construction. They are a white oak ore english oak. The side boards will probably not need any more stripping but need some repair. One of the small pieces appears to be cracked and that will need to be properly repaired. The long pieces have a movable larm that swings out to hold up the table leaves but they have been nailed in place and the nails need to be removed so this is functional once again. they have also been glued. All nails, screws and any other hardware that does not belong to the table needs to be removed. Cracks, dents, gouges and other imperfections need to be repaired as well. The pieces are have angled cuts because the legs are set out at an angle. The legs and apron are attached with a bracket the sets inside the groove and is screwed into the wood. I have the brackets for the legs but I don't have the leaf hardware or any other hardware. I don't understand the purpose of the long grooves across the length of the small pieces. The brackets set inside the vertical short grooves.
My Vintage Kitchen Table & Chairs
My Vintage Kitchen Table & Chairs
The table and chairs were found separately at the same antique mall - They match pretty well. I think they are English. Maybe from the 30's, 40's or 50's. I have another shot with more detail of the table - if anyone knows the origin, and the time period of this furniture, I would love to find out more!

antique white kitchen tables