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Occasional Tables Sets

occasional tables sets
    occasional tables
  • Generally refers to small tables such as an end table, coffee table, console or side table.
  • A small table for infrequent and varied use
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new table & chairs
new table & chairs
After three decades with the old table, which had gotten wobbly in its old age, there is a new one in the house -- a little smaller in its circular setting but quite long when two panels are added -- a length much needed these days for occasional family get-togethers. The table arrived in time for Christmas, the four chairs (Danish, Carl Hansen & Sons) just yesterday.
Wood on wood 84/365 250311
Wood on wood 84/365 250311
We were browsing the shops today and managed to come home with two occasional tables and a set of table and chairs for the conservatory. This was my favourite purchase.

occasional tables sets
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