End table plan. Square wooden dining table.

End Table Plan

end table plan
    table plan
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Savoring The Moment on The Death Star
Savoring The Moment on The Death Star
After watching Stormtrooper Bruce's reaction to his prank through his Spycam video, Boba Fett and the guys rush over to STB's quarters only to find he's passed out from shock. They quickly straighten up his quarters before he comes to, while Fett decides how to make the most of this unexpected and glorious turn of events. Fett: Did you see his reaction? Pure gold, guys! Gold! Although I am rather disappointed everything fell but the bed. Chewie: Grwejkdf brkregh stbrowedft. TK-432: You are a genius, Fett!! It was awesome. But even better - his tv still works! TK-1110: I still can't believe he called his shadow a poltergeist. Everyone knows a shadow figure and a poltergeist are two separate things! Geesh! Fett: Yes, that was a sweet moment, wasn't it? When do you think we should tell him? Chewie: Greiwoejf drgjsdth brgjfidcht. TK-432: What do you mean WE? It was your plan from the beginning. No pun intended, but if he finds out, this will come back to haunt you... you know that, right? Fett: I like Chewie's suggestion - he said it should a death bed confession. TK-1110: Yea. 'Cause if it ever gets out how he screamed like a girl, there will be pay back. Fett: Perhaps. But this is just too good to pass up. I've already got something in mind. Are you guys in?
table plan
table plan
After nearly a year of planning, me & T got married on saturday. We had an amazing day, T looked absolutely gorgeous and radiant (I looked pretty sharp myself), and all our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We got married at Islington Town Hall, with the reception at Covent Garden. Keeping up the London theme, we hired a Routemaster to ferry everyone between the two and I adopted the tube map for our table plan. Apart from the names, see if you can spot what's changed... We're now on honeymoon and won't see England again until the end of June!

end table plan
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