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Outdoor Wood Table And Chairs

outdoor wood table and chairs
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outdoor wood table and chairs - 9pc Outdoor
9pc Outdoor Wood Dining Extension Table and Arm Chairs Set
9pc Outdoor Wood Dining Extension Table and Arm Chairs Set
Enjoy the good look of a 9-piece Outdoor Dining Set With Oval Table, the simple design will compliment any home exterior decor. Constructed of beautiful FSC High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) wood and Woven Wicker, this lovely set will help you create a great look for your yard that is comfortable and versatile.
High Density Eucalyptus (known as Shorea in our line) is the premium grade of solid "Eucalyptus Gradis" hardwood, grown in 100% well managed forests in Brazil, certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). There is little difference between High Density Eucalyptus and Teak when broken down to their core essence, The biggest attribute of High Density Eucalyptus is undoubtedly the strength of the timber. It's renowned for its excellent resistance to every day wear and tear. It is extremely durable and tightly grained to produce a desirable density. It remains unaffected by all variations in weather, especially its resistance to damp conditions makes itself extremely competent at combating insect attacks and decay.
You will receive a total of 1 dining table and 8 chairs.
Table Dimension: 91"L x 40"W x 29"H
Chairs: 22"L x 21"W x 37"H
Finish: Oiled Rubbed
Material: FSC High Density Eucalyptus, Woven Wicker
9pc Outdoor Wood Dining Extension Table and Arm Chairs Set
Features oval extension table with foldable butterfly.
FSC High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) is a hardwood growing naturally and plentifully in Asia Pacific protected forests.
FSC High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) is mold, mildew, fungi, termites, rot and decay-resistant.
FSC High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) is environmentally-friendly and harvested from protected forests.
Assembly required.

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The Chair House in West Creek
The Chair House in West Creek
This house can be seen on Route 9 in West Creek, New Jersey (In Eagleswood Township, just north of Tuckerton and south of Manahawkin). There have been several different chairs over the years. Sometimes they get blown off in windstorms. There are many rumors of this house and why there is a chair there. 1. The house was used to disguise a water tower on Long Beach Island, and the frame was shipped to its current spot and filled in 2. The house was on Long Beach Island and transported in pieces 3. A world-famous climber lived in the house and put the chair on the top to show off his climbing skills. 4. It was put up so every year on Christmas, Santa could take a break to sit. 5. A woman whose husband was at war would sit there waiting for him to come home from the war.
Adirondack Chairs in Sand
Adirondack Chairs in Sand
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outdoor wood table and chairs