Kitchen table chair set : Antique pine coffee table.

Kitchen Table Chair Set

kitchen table chair set
    kitchen table
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new kitchen table!
new kitchen table!
We picked up a kitchen table and chair set at Canadian Tire for a mere 79$. Solid wood and made in Malaysia. The chairs were a pain in the ass to put together--the screws that keep the seat down accidentally went through the back brace of the chair. We'll have to file the pointy bits down so we don't scratch ourselves. I'm so happy with this purchase. Not only was it a bargain but it fits perfectly in our little kitchen. It's so nice to be able to eat without having to balance a plate on my lap (I've already ruined three shirts from spillage. I should wear a bib).
Grandma's Kitchen Table
Grandma's Kitchen Table
I brought this 1950's chrome and formica kitchen table and chairs set back with me from Iowa. This is the farmhouse kitchen table that my dad grew up eating off of. It's been in my grandparent's basement since before I was born. It needs to be polished and reupholstered, but is in remarkable condition, and looks great in my house in my opinion. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

kitchen table chair set