Tropical Island Decorating

tropical island decorating
    tropical island
  • An island or isle is any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Very small islands such as emergent land features on atolls can be called islets, cays or keys. An island in a river or lake may be called an eyot, .
  • (Tropical Islands) Tropical Islands Resort is an artificial tropical resort in Krausnick, Germany. It is said to have the world's largest tropical indoor pool which can accommodate up to 8,000 visitors a day. It is also the world's largest indoor waterpark at 66,000 m? (710,000 sq feet).
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tropical island decorating - Island Life:
Island Life: Inspirational Interiors
Island Life: Inspirational Interiors
It's the ultimate escape fantasy: Trade in the rat race for life on a tropical island and all the languid luxury that it evokes. For India Hicks and David Flint Wood, the dream became reality when, after high-profile careers-she as a fashion model, he as an advertising executive-the couple left the city behind for the Bahamas. Five years and three children later, the husband-and-wife team have impeccably restored three houses and one hotel. Fusing traditional European design with Asian, African, and Caribbean influences, the resulting interiors reflect their love of intense color and their keen sense of style-inherited on India's side from her father, the renown interior designer David Hicks, and further enhanced by the family's travels.
In Island Life, the secrets of these sumptuous, unique homes-used as locations for Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Vogue magazine, among others-are revealed in intimate detail. With panoramic color photographs, David Loftus captures not only the eclectic combinations of antiques, flea market finds, and modern furnishings, but also the overall ambiance of the tropics. For those who share David and India's dream, this is where to start planning.

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private tropical beach
private tropical beach
It would be better to include a monk but I got there first ;-) Private beach for the monks of the monastery, located by the river, 300m from the road in east side of Don Khong island. ---------- Information from Rough Guide to Laos: Wat Phou Khao Kaew is an evocative little forest monastery situated atop a river-sculpted stone bluff overlooking the Mekong. Until a recently built sala of modern materials added a bit of the late twentieth century to the landscape, you could wander the grounds of this wat and almost believe that the clock had been turned back a hundred or so years. The centrepiece is a crumbling brick stupa crowned with a clump of grass; a fractured pre-Angkorian stone lintel sits at the base of the stupa and, assuming it was once fixed to it, would date the structure to the middle of the seventh century. Nearby sits a charming miniature sim, flanked by plumeria trees. A curious collection of carved wooden deities, which somehow found their way downriver from Burma, decorates the ledges running around the building. In 1998, a life-sized bronze Buddha image was stolen from the altar, only to turn up hidden under a hastily made tent of branches in an isolated stretch of forest on the mainland. The antique image's ushnisha (flame-like finial on the crown of the head) was missing, but the Buddha was otherwise intact. Undoubtedly it had been destined for Thailand's black market in plundered antiquities. At present, the image is stored at the police station in Muang Khong. If you want to have a look at the inside of the sim, ask one of the resident monks to unlock the door for you, or you can peer through the windows on either side of the main entrance, which faces the river.
Blue Lagoon before tropical storm
Blue Lagoon before tropical storm
While travelling around Thailand, you will inevitably come across many fishermen. They are so common, they will at some point probably become a part of your daily observations and perhaps after a while, you will not notice them anymore. Still, they are an integral part of the country, and on any boat trip, you are bound to see them. They might form a great sight with stunning islands in the background, or a pretty scene in their colourful boats. The rainy season in Thailand is from May till November. During this season you can get some of those torrential rains that last 30 minutes to 2 hours, like this one above, then clearing and sun. It was a most spectacular scene and scary too. Recently the tropical storm Kammuri killed hundreds of people in Vietnam. So always be aware of the danger. Early mornings, if you stay in a village near the sea you will hear the droning engine of their boats as they take to the waters for their next catch. In some cases, you might see a fisherman dragging his boat through the sea in apparently shallow water. The typical bow of their boats make the fisherboats photogenic, and they are often coloured brightly, and decorated with brightly coloured cloth and flowers. Fish being a main staple in the Thai diet, fishermen are just a part of daily life, and it is worth paying attention. They make for great sights.

tropical island decorating
tropical island decorating
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