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good old movies to watch
  • A story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture
  • Movies@ Ltd. is a cinema chain in the Republic of Ireland. The company opened its first multiplex cinema at the Dundrum Town Centre on 1 October 2005, with 12 screens.
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St Trinian or the disadvantage of living in a lazy illiterate thirdworld banana republic.
St Trinian or the disadvantage of living in a lazy illiterate thirdworld banana republic.
St Trinian or the disadvantage of living in a lazy illiterate thirdworld banana republic. So went to the movies a few hours ago, for 10 films at the cinema, have already seen 7, my 3 options were a Cat and dogs film for little kids, a mexican comedy, and St. Trinians. The title in spanish (Ninas bien) was already a warning, but the synopsis said it was a British comedy film about a girl college who has to stage a robbery to save its college. That sounded ok. When I received the ticket I saw those 3 little words that are the sign of movie damnation ESP, meaning the movie was not in its original language, but in spanish. I understand kids movies being dubbed to spanish, and most of the time the dubbing is a good work on kiddy movies. Unfortunately on non kiddy movies, dubbed to spanish in 90% of the time means one of the following two options: - A mediocre work, with flat voices and minimal acting - The worst nightmarish thing ever, with terrible localization, and obnoxious voices. Yes there is still a 10% possibility that you find a good dubbing in Spanish, after all in the past (10 years ago or more) the dubbing made in Mexico was the best, unfortunately now that is only true in very few movies. So I went into the movie with lots of fear, the movie starts, and the horror, the first sentence is spoken in a really bad faked voice, and using mexican slang words. And it was there that I had to heard not only the worst kind of spanish dubbing, but actually the worst among the worst, the one that tries to be funny by using semi-outdated slang words, heavy stereotypical accents, and sentences that hurt the brain. From what I saw, I am sure the movie is funny to watch in its original language. Unfortunately in Mexico the spanish language version was modified to the point that one can't know, and only hopes that whoever decided to dubb the movie in spanish suffers the worst pain for a thousand years Kisses Jessica PS. And to add insult to injury, this movie was out in UK, at 2007, yes I was seeing a 3 year old movie, in the worst spanish dubbing ever. St Trinians (o en espanol Ninas Bien) y la desventaja de vivir en una republica bananera tercermundista floja e iletrada. Asi que me fui al cine a tratar de pasar la tarde, de 10 peliculas en cartelera ya habia visto 7, las 3 opsiones eran la pelicula infantil de perros y gatos (que no se me antoja), la pelicula comica de Derbez (que a menos que alguien confiable me recomiende creo que tampoco la vere) y una desconocida llamada "Ninas Bien". Ya de por si la traduccion del titulo, Ninas Bien en lugar de St. Trinians, creo que era una senal de alarma que no logre ver. Pero la resena del cine decia que era una comedia britanica de un colegio de chicas que para evitar la desaparicion de su colegio tienen que tramar un robo. Podria resultar ser divertida y simplona. A la hora de recibir el boleto de entrada vi las 3 letras que todo cinefilo sabe que son el simbolo de la bestia, ESP, que significarian simplemente que en lugar de su idioma original la pelicula fue dublada al idioma espanol, pero desafortunadamente eso suele traducirse tambien en una mala experiencia cinematografica. Y yo entiendo que las peliculas para ninos tienen que doblarse al espanol, y de hecho suelen tener buen trabajo de doblaje. Pero desafortunadamente, en el caso de doblaje de peliculas no infantiles, una pelicula doblada al espanol significa en el 90% de los casos que uno escuchara una de las siguientes dos posiblidades. - Un trabajo mediocre, con voces planas y sin trabajo actoral de voz. - La peor pesadilla, con terrible adecuacion local, y voces irritante. Y si ya se que aun existe ese 10% de posibilidad de un buen doblaje al espanol, no por nada en el pasado (aunque pasado suena como a mas de 10 anos atras) el doblaje mexicano era de lo mejor que habia, desafortunadamente hoy en dia ya no es el caso. Asi que entre a la sala a ver la pelicula con miedo en mi mente, empieza la musiquita, y es ahi donde el horror, escucho la primer frase en una voz pesimamente fingida pronunciando palabras en modismos anticuados. Pues estaba frente a el caso del dolaje de peor pesadilla, y de entre esos el peor entre los peores, aquel que decide cambiar totalmente los dialogos, el que trata de ser comico (y falla totalmente) mediante el uso de palabras y modismos mal ubicados, frases sin sentido, acentos esterotipados exagerados, en fin un total insulto linguistico. Por las imagenes quiza la pelicula en su idioma original es entretenida y probablemente hasta divertida. Desafortunadamente en Mexico, lo que me toco ver fue una serie de imagenes acompanadas porun sonido discordante, sin sentido, que modifica totalmente la pelicula por lo que podre decir con certeza que no he visto St Trinians, y solo queda imaginarse que a el grupo de idiotas que se le ocurrio que era buena idea doblar y localizar la pelicula sufran el peor dolor existente por mil anos. Kisses Jessica PD. Y para
Jioufen Old Street ???? : ??? Doraemon's favourite Dorayaki (pancake with red bean paste) ???
Jioufen Old Street ???? : ??? Doraemon's favourite Dorayaki (pancake with red bean paste) ???
Honestly, what made me buy this Dorayaki was my childhood fascination watching Doraemon & Da Xiong sinking their teeth into their favourite pancake & a deep curiosity all these years how it really tasted like. As a child, I had imagined it to be some sort of a soft 2-layered bun filled with piping hot red bean paste (with a taste that far surpassed the red bean paste bun at the neighourhood bakeries in Singapore) & that it must have tasted heavenly if Doraemon could be so crazy about it. However, being a grown-up, I knew it is probably something quite ordinary even if it's really tasty. Nevertheless, my curiosity got the better of me so I bought one though it didn't look very promising. As expected, the bun was cold & the taste quite forgettable. I had a chance to taste it again the other day back in Singapore when Lynn bought one at a Japanese family restaurant at the basement of Punggol Plaza. The taste was just as forgettable though slightly better. Nevertheless, I still have high hopes that those authentic ones in Japan could prove me wrong one day. Let me think...when can I go to Japan? ^^ More info on Jioufen Old Street ???? : Add: Shuici Rd, Jishan rd, Cingbian Rd in Jioufen, Rueifang Township, Taipei County Main area of interest-town's historic commercial district (Jishan Street (???) & Shuchi Street (???) WHAT TO SEE: Historical buildings & scenic views along narrow winding streets, steep mount slope, after sunset: fav place for tea n watch fishing boat lights on distant sea. WHAT TO EAT: Jiufen. Fishball soup, yuyuan (taro balls), dumplings hot/cold with sweet bean, mochi / ma shu, traditional snacks(taro balls) Grandma Lai's Yuyuan (?????) No.143, Jishan Street- most famous one for taro balls Jiufen boasts numerous teahouses that offer great views over the Pacific Ocean. City Of Sadness Restaurant (?????????) 35 Shuchi Road, Tel:+886 2 2406-2289, just on the corner of Shuqi and Qingbian Roads, is featured in the Taiwanese movie City Of Sadness by Hou Hsiao-hsien Jiufen Teahouse (????) 142 Jishan Street, Tel:+886 2 2496-9056, [1] - the first teahouse in Jiufen since 1991 FROM TAIPEI TO JIOUFEN: From Taipei - Zhongxiao-Fuxing Stnt, No. 1 Exit, take Keelung bus to Jioufen. Get off just before 7/11. FROM KEELUNG TO JIOUFEN: - Board Keelung bus from Keelung bus stop (Jinguashih Line) to Jioufen (About 50min, NT$45) - Buses have English bus signs & Chinese LED but no bus number. Will bypass Rueifang Train Stnt - Alight at bus stop along Jioufen Old Street (Chishan Street) stop just before Seven-Eleven convenience store. FROM JIOUFEN TO TAIPEI : - Take Keelung bus from Jioufen bus stop (near police post) to Rueifang train / railway station ?? Jui-fang 089 (About 15min) - Take train to Taipei Main Station (About 40-50min, NT$80) Alternative: - Take bus to Keelung (about 50min) - take train to Taipei Main Station (About 50-60min; approx. NT$66 depending on train type)

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