Pub Kitchen Table Sets

pub kitchen table sets
    kitchen table
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pub kitchen table sets - 5pc Counter
5pc Counter Height Dining Table and Stools Pub Set in Black Finish
5pc Counter Height Dining Table and Stools Pub Set in Black Finish
You will receive a total of 1 counter height dining table and 4 stools.
Table: 36"W x 36"D x 36"H
Stools: 17 1/4"W x 13 1/2"D x 23"H
Finish: Black
Material: Wood, Veneer
5pc Counter Height Dining Table and Stools Pub Set in Black Finish
This stylish counter height pub table set will be a welcome addition to your home.
Smooth square table top rests above square tapered legs.
Four matching backless bar stools feature comfortable curved wooden seats, and sleek legs.
Add this dining set to your casual dining and entertainment room for a fun space where friends and family will love to gather.
Also available in dark walnut, oak and black, and white finish.
Simple Assembly required.

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New York, New York
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pub kitchen table sets