Custom Outdoor Drapes : Shades For French Doors.

Custom Outdoor Drapes

custom outdoor drapes
    outdoor drapes
  • drapes or curtains that can be used to provide shade or decorate outdoor living spaces.
  • A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time
  • a specific practice of long standing
  • accepted or habitual practice
  • custom-made: made according to the specifications of an individual
  • A thing that one does habitually
  • Established practice or usage having the force of law or right

Event draping and Lighting
Event draping and Lighting
Event lighting can easily set the mood for your event. Here is an example of how The Prop Factory can soften the look of your event. By utilizing colored lighting and elegant fabric swags, this outdoor wedding was truly breathtaking
I love this draped figure...
I love this draped figure...
...which I found on the outdoor sculpture garden midway up the Johnson Museum of Art on the Cornell Campus.

custom outdoor drapes
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