Retro dining room tables - Antique drop leaf dining table - Round cherry coffee table

Retro Dining Room Tables

retro dining room tables
    dining room
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Celebrity Solstice. Adam Tihany. Restaurant. Grand Epernay.
Celebrity Solstice. Adam Tihany. Restaurant. Grand Epernay.
The main dining room on the Solstice, designed by Adam Tihany. It was a nice departure from the usual way main dining rooms look on cruise ships. They sometimes chose really cheesy colors for the LED accents (here it's in blue) - but other than that it was a ppretty schanzzy main dining room. Felt like a place where they might shoot a scene of Mad Men. Celebrity Solstice is the first of five in the Solstice Class of vessels deployed by Celebrity Cruises on behalf of Royal Caribbean International. Other vessels in the Solstice class include the Celebrity Equinox and the Celebrity Eclipse.
dining area
dining area
a different view of our dining area. table and chairs: vintage shelves: ikea expedit print: 'its pop its art' 'miss you' by the rolling stones

retro dining room tables
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