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Thomasville Furniture Ind Messina 7 Pc Taupe Dining

thomasville furniture ind messina 7 pc taupe dining
    thomasville furniture
  • Thomasville Furniture Industries entered the first decade of the 20th century as the fledgling Thomasville Chair Company in a bustling railroad-side community in the triad area of North Carolina, near High Point, the furniture capital.
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thomasville furniture ind messina 7 pc taupe dining - Set of
Set of 2 Cherry Finish Queen Anne Style Dining Chairs
Set of 2 Cherry Finish Queen Anne Style Dining Chairs
Set of 2 Cherry Finish Queen Anne Wood Dining Chair/Chairs with Cushion Seats This is a brand new Set of Two Cherry Finish Queen Anne Wood Dining Chair/ Chairs with white Fabric Covered Cushion Seats. This set of two chairs is constructed in quality solid hardwoods and comes in a Queen Anne design to match the beauty of your dining room decor. This item is only sold in 2 chairs packaged for safety in shipping and delivery, and table pictured is sold separately. Item will require simple assembly. Specifications - Dimensions: 39"H - Style Type: Queen Anne - Materials: Solid Hardwoods - Color: Cherry - Pieces: 2 - Finish: Cherry

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The Town I Will Be Moving Away From...
The Town I Will Be Moving Away From...
Thomasville... the furniture capital of the world... hince the big chair in the background (which we are famous for), also pictured, is the fountain across from the chair and the historic bulidings of downtown Thomasville.
dining table
dining table
Thomasville cherry dining table 44"d x 66"w (expands to 88" with one removable leaf) some slight scratches (ordinary use)

thomasville furniture ind messina 7 pc taupe dining
thomasville furniture ind messina 7 pc taupe dining
TV Stand 50" in Havana - South Shore Furniture - 4339664
This furniture arrives unassembled. This dramatic TV stand combines form and function. Smooth curves, architectural details, and an exotic finish combine to create a relaxed casual room. 4339664 Features: Glass doors are tempered, with a Zen-look, double-frame detail Accommodates 50" TVs Metal handles Profiled edges Flexible storage for electronics behind glass doors, with 2 adjustable shelves and 4 holes for wiring Small doors on sides each hide 1 adjustable shelf, ideal for CD and DVD storage Manufactured from engineered-wood products 5-year warranty Assembly required Finish: Havana Dimensions: 60"(W) x 23"(D) x 23"(H)