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Fine Furniture Dining

fine furniture dining
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fine furniture dining - Newhouse 9-Pc
Newhouse 9-Pc Counter Height Dining Set by Coaster Fine Furniture
Newhouse 9-Pc Counter Height Dining Set by Coaster Fine Furniture
This elegant Counter Height Dining Table and Stool Set will add a sophisticated look to your casual dining and entertainment space. The generously sized square wooden table top has a sleek molded edge, with a lazy Susan included to make sharing snacks and condiments a cinch around this gathering table. Shapely wooden legs complete the look, in a warm medium wood finish that is sure to complement your decor. The matching counter height chairs feature a beautiful open grid back and luxurious black faux leather seat. Shapely wooden legs complete this elegant style, and create a harmonious look throughout. Choose this counter height dining set for a fun and stylish area in your home that friends and family will truly enjoy.

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Exmouth Table in Walnut
Exmouth Table in Walnut
The Exmouth Dining Table from Hendel-Blackford Fine Furniture is a version of the original Exmouth table in English walnut with sycamore detailing. Finished in Danish oil and wax.
Pearson Fine Furniture
Pearson Fine Furniture
Pearson Fine Furniture, sofas, loveseats, cocktail ottomans, chairs for living and dining. Available at Haven Home Design, Bend, Oregon

fine furniture dining