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Nursery Decorating Photos

nursery decorating photos
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fabric bowl for the nursery
fabric bowl for the nursery
This bowl is perfect as a gift for the new baby. Use in the nursery on a table to hold bits and pieces such as cotton balls, rattles, lotion, etc,see the second picture view. This bowl measures approximately 9" round and 3" tall. The outside fabric is a colorful nursery print with stars, hearts and animals(see fabric photo swatch). The inside fabric is an aqua coordinating fabric with white stars scattered about (see photo swatch). It is decorated with ribbons around the top of the bowl with decorative elements attached. The seams are satin stitched with aqua thread. Gently clean any soiled areas with a soft clean cloth and warm soapy water. Air dry.
Danbo Goes Potholing
Danbo Goes Potholing
While we spent the weekend decorating the nursery, Danbo thought it would be fun to try potholing in the recess for the new set of switches. Lucky her eyes light up, it's dark in them cavity walls! (I would have liked to have taken a more exciting photo than this, but the giant bump makes lying on the floor to take a shot a leetle bit trickier than normal!!) 016/100

nursery decorating photos
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