Girl Flower Headband

girl flower headband
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girl flower headband - Baby Flower
Baby Flower Headband for Infant, Baby, Toddler. Chiffon Flower. (White)
Baby Flower Headband for Infant, Baby, Toddler. Chiffon Flower. (White)
This is a Bitty Bows Boutique exclusive flower headband! You will only find this original headband on Amazon, and on Bitty Bows Boutique's company website. Our large flower headband is a beautiful chiffon flower, with layers and layers of spiky petals. It is securely (and permanently) attached to our 5/8 inch elastic, stretchy headband. The size is ideal for approximately 3 months-24 months, depending on head circumference. Flat and unstretched, the headband is approximately 15 inches in circumference. You simply won't be disappointed with this beautiful flower headband!

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flower headband
flower headband
I found this headband in one store here and I found it cute but I would really like to have a headband with a big flower but I can't find it anywhere.
White Flower Girl Headband
White Flower Girl Headband
This is a custom white flower girl headband. The headband is crocheted from white ribbon yarn and is adorned with flowers and ribbons.

girl flower headband
girl flower headband
Baby Flower Headband. Stretchy for Infant, Toddler, Girl. Skinny Headband. Felt Rose Allie Pink.
Our Allie headband is adorned with a beautifully layered felt flower, securely attached to our thin elastic, stretchy headband. The colors are rich, and the detailing fine, it makes the perfect finale to a beautiful outfit. You simply won't be disappointed with this style! Large felt flowers are beautiful on babies** (see note), big girls, and adults alike. Available on a very stretchy headband that will fit a variety of ages! Our skinny headbands are made of 1/8 inch wide, super-stretchy elastic. It measures approximately 17 inches around. It will be large on babies, but a tiny knot can easily be put in the base, to allow her to wear it as an infant, and also as a toddler and little girl! Please understand, these will be large on babies without a small knot tied in the elastic. This can be done under the flower, so that it does not show. The knot can easily be taken out and adjusted, as she gets bigger, to allow for years of use! These are comfortable to wear, and will not leave indentions on your little one's head. They can be worn alone, and are also adorable when added to a ponytail or pigtails. Endless possibilities! This dressy style is perfect for Christmas, Easter, weddings, baptisms, flower girls, or any dressy occasion.