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English Wedding Flowers

english wedding flowers
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english wedding flowers - Simple Stunning
Simple Stunning Wedding Flowers
Simple Stunning Wedding Flowers
“Flowers are love’s truest language”: so wrote journalist Park Benjamin in the 19th century. The sentiment remains just as compelling today. As every bride-to-be knows, the right flowers are a fundamental expression of the perfect wedding.

But brides are often flummoxed when it comes to the specifics of realizing a beautiful and personal floral vision. Should the arrangements be lushly romantic or sleekly understated? Which flowers are best for the season when the wedding will take place—and for its setting? How much should you spend on flowers? (Where should you splurge and where can you cut back?) How do you go about choosing and working with a professional florist? Do you dare to try to make your own wedding bouquets?

These are just a sampling of the questions that Karen Bussen, one of the country’s top wedding experts, addresses in Simple Stunning Wedding Flowers, the gloriously illustrated follow-up to her essential wedding-planning book, Simple Stunning Weddings. As always, Bussen offers advice that’s as down-to-earth as it is aesthetically fresh and inspired. And her guiding principles—that “less is more,” and that breathtaking elegance is achievable on any budget—are sure to calm an overwhelmed bride’s frazzled nerves.

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A Very English Wedding Held in a Very Italian Town
A Very English Wedding Held in a Very Italian Town
From a series of Firenze, San Gimignano and Certaldo Italian vacation shots. We watched a smart wedding in the Italian hill-town of Certaldo. The bride, groom and most of the guests were English (with the exception of at least one token Scotsman in kilt outfit and a Hungarian guy). The bride and groom were very pleasant to us and didn't mind us taking photos at the same time as the Italian wedding photographer was taking his close-ups at the side of the church.
first wedding that I was invited to where I was just a normal guest, so plenty of time to "flickr" :-P it was at a beautiful English country hotel

english wedding flowers
english wedding flowers
Wedding Flowers
Flowers are an essential part of any wedding. This invaluable little book offers plenty of floral ideas for your big day, each pictured with notes to tell you what the flowers are and suggest finishing touches. In Flowers for the Bride, traditional and contemporary bouquet styles are covered, plus a colour spectrum from ivory to hot pink. Flowers for Bridesmaids includes posies to suit every attendant, plus floral bags and hair decorations. Buttonholes and Corsages range from classic to cutting-edge, while Flowers for the Reception encompasses decorating tables and chairs, plus original ideas for place names. With "Wedding Flowers", you can plan the look of your whole day with confidence.