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Cheap Flower Girl Tiaras

cheap flower girl tiaras
    flower girl
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cheap flower girl tiaras - Bling Jewelry
Bling Jewelry Bridal Rhinestones Flower & Leaves Tiara Comb
Bling Jewelry Bridal Rhinestones Flower & Leaves Tiara Comb
Absolutely breathtaking for any bridal party! This Designer Inspired Bridal Tiara Comb is a stunning display of dazzling rhinestones that have been exquisitely set in white gold plated alloy. A cluster of marquise cut rhinestones lining up and forming flowers and leaves design. This item has significant weight and measures a full 5 inches in length. Quality materials are used to create a beautiful piece that is not an identical designer bridal classic. Walk down the aisle with the confidence of a queen as guests will marvel at an elegant crown made just for you!

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Flower Girl
Flower Girl
Took some pictures at a friends wedding a couple weeks ago and caught the flower girl at the reception in a particularly pensive moment. I used a soft glow filter from NIK Color Efex but don't know it is softened it too much or not. What do you think. Comments, critiques and criticisms always welcome.
Flower Girl Showcase
Flower Girl Showcase
Flower Girl Fashion On One 01/05/2008 One Utama

cheap flower girl tiaras