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Real Wooden Flooring

real wooden flooring
    wooden flooring
  • Huge selection of wooden flooring to view in our showroom.
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Ive been busy...
Ive been busy...
I finally have a real open fire again in the new/old house... It started with me ripping out the old gas fire a little over two weeks ago and taking a hammer and chisel to the brickwork. I designed built and tiled the fireplace, hearth and surround totally by myself, knocking out the brickwork and taking the hearth back to its original floor level as well as redecorating the lounge (including taking up the carpets and going back to the original wooden floors)... Its been a lot of hardwork and also the reason why ive been sooooo MIA... But... it was sooooooo worth it!! :)
plywood painted floors
plywood painted floors
White bedroom four 4 poster bed sash window antique side table vintage mirror Bertoia designer chair real home L etc 03/2008 pub orig

real wooden flooring
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