Parquet Flooring Restoration

parquet flooring restoration
    parquet flooring
  • Woodwork floors set in geometric forms for design purposes.
  • Parquetry is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect. The two main uses of parquetry are as veneer patterns on furniture and block patterns for flooring. Parquet patterns are entirely geometrical and angular-- squares, triangles, lozenges.
  • A flooring traditionally made up of small wooden blocks arranged in a herring-bone or other geometrical pattern. Modern alternatives consist of thinner wooden panels which give the same effect.
  • the act of restoring something or someone to a satisfactory state
  • The process of repairing or renovating a building, work of art, vehicle, etc., so as to restore it to its original condition
  • the reign of Charles II in England; 1660-1685
  • The reinstatement of a previous practice, right, custom, or situation
  • restitution: getting something back again; "upon the restitution of the book to its rightful owner the child was given a tongue lashing"
  • The action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition

Bac plastique et pinceau ayant déjà servi pour de nombreux trava
Bac plastique et pinceau ayant déjà servi pour de nombreux trava
Bac plastique et pinceau ayant deja servi pour de nombreux travaux de peinture. Tags: bac plastique; pinceau rond a rechampir; poil; usage; travaux de peinture; peintre; peindre; bricolage; restauration; maison; rose; vert; bleu; blanc; parquet; chene; ustensile; outil; sec; renovation; colore; couleur vive; sale; vieux; objet; concept; symbole; symbolique; decoration; deco; materiel; fourniture; changement; plastic vat; paint tray; round brush; well worn; painting; painter; do-it-yourself; DIY; renovation; pink; green; blue; white; parquet floor; oak; ustensil; tool; dryness; dry; restoration; coloured; colored; color; colour; colorful; colourful; dirty; old; construction; craftsmanship; handle; handyman; hardware; home care; improvement; renovate; object; symbol; symbolic; decorating; decorate; redecorate; equipment; bristle; supplies; decor; change; evolve; paintbrush;
School Dining Hall Iroko Parquet 1
School Dining Hall Iroko Parquet 1
This was a quite large scale project we undertook for the local council in Solihull, the school dining room had lovely iroko parquet block flooring laid brick fashion, but was looking pretty shabby and needed to be fully restored.

parquet flooring restoration
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