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Garage Floor Slab

garage floor slab
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garage floor slab - Suncast A01B28C03
Suncast A01B28C03 Storage Building, 10-ft x 10-ft
Suncast A01B28C03 Storage Building, 10-ft x 10-ft
Suncast 10x10' Storage Building provides a cozy home for lawn and garden equipment, pool supplies and patio furniture! And it goes together in a snap... literally! The large panel design snaps together with NO TOOLS necessary! So whether you're a handy man or the anti-Bob Villa, you won't have to take a week off work to build the storage shed you want for the organization you need! It's "home sweet home" for your equipment, supplies and accessories: 2 windows with shutters and window boxes; Skylight helps keep interior bright; Durable resin construction, including floor; Lockable doors with upper and lower latches; 4'8" w. x 5'8" h. door opening; 625 cu. ft. capacity; Taupe and bronze exterior fits in with all kinds of tastes and styles. Don't let that scattered mess take over your yard this summer! Order yours now! Suncast Storage Building, 10x10'

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IMG 0566
IMG 0566
On Friday, July 23, 2010 we delivered a load of re-bar to NerdAcres for reinforcement mesh for the garage floor concrete slab. The weekend was then spent fabricating this steel grid. The mesh would set in the vertical center of the 5 1/2 thick concrete slab on plastic chairs, and would also serve as the support structure for radiant Pex tubing that will be part of a future heating system. To reduce heat losses, blue-board insulation was placed beneath the outside perimeter of of the slab. The re-bar was cut to the desired lengths with an air-cut off tool, and the grid was assembled in-place. All cross points were wire-tied together with steel wire. This image is one of a series documenting the work of this weekend.
2010-07-24 15-22-23 528
2010-07-24 15-22-23 528
The front of the Garage floor slab will be exposed beneath a 10 ft wide overhead door. But this edge will require a molding board during the concrete pour and cure. This is an image of that temporary mold board.

garage floor slab
garage floor slab
Collector NGC PCGS ICG Coin Slab Display Case Cabinet Holder Rack, Black
Solid furniture-grade beech hardwood cabinet of beautiful design and construction is perfect for displaying coin slabs. Cabinet features a framed front door and four shelves that can display up to 24 standard coin slabs, 2 7/8 x 2 1/16 or other items up to 4" tall. Black felt fabric background creates a stunning contrast for the items you are displaying. Display case is completed with brass hinges, door latch and installed wall hanging hardware. Available in Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Black (coins and coin slabs are not included). Unit Weight: 8 lbs. Dimensions: 18"H X 14"W X 1.75"D Space between Shelves: 4"

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