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    We are a group of car enthusiasts dedicated to the collector car hobby featuring antique electric vehicles of all types.   Our membership extends all over the globe. We keep a roster with all of our members that lists all their Antique Electric Vehicles.
 Electric vehicles were first developed in England and in France in the late 1800's.  There are literally dozens and dozens of different manufacturers of antique electric vehicles.  The first manufacturer of an electric vehicle for commercial use was Morris & Salon and their "Electrobat".  Electric vehicles and the companies that built them proliferated during the end of the 19th century and into the beginning of the 20th century.  Most companies did not last more than a year or two.  There were a few manufacturers of electric cars that lasted for several years.  Among these were the Baker Electric Company, National Electric, Woods Electric and Detroit Electric.
In 1897 some of the 1st commercial vehicles made for the benefit of the public were introduced when just over a dozen electric taxi vehicles were brought to New York City.  These vehicles were double the cost of the horse drawn hansom cabs in general use at the time.  But the automobile quickly grew in favor and proved it was here to stay. 
  Some of the early advertisments for electric vehicles were aimed at women. Ladies of the era found it difficult and dirty to start a gasoline powered vehicle which required using a crank.
  Electric vehicles took care of that problem and were very popular with the well to do women who were glad to get away from the noisy gas powered engine.  Women could easily drive the electric vehicle around town while visiting friends and shopping. You may notice that most electric vehicles have a high roof. This was to accomodate the large hats that were in style at the time.  
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