Zebra Wood Coffee Table - Granite Breakfast Table

Zebra Wood Coffee Table

zebra wood coffee table
    coffee table
  • A low table, typically placed in front of a sofa
  • low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served
  • (Coffee Tables) While any small and low table can be, and is, called a coffee table, the term is applied particularly to the sets of three or four tables made from about 1790; of which the latter were called 'quartetto tables'.
  • A coffee table, also called a cocktail table, is a style of long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa, to support beverages (hence the name), magazines, feet, books (especially coffee table books), and other small items to be used while sitting, such as coasters.
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  • Zebras are African equids best known for their distinctive black and white stripes. Their stripes come in different patterns unique to each individual. They are generally social animals and can be seen in small harems to large herds.
  • A large butterfly with pale bold stripes on a dark background, in particular
  • "Zebra" is an album by Jack DeJohnette featuring trumpeter Lester Bowie recorded in 1985 for the video program titled "Tadayuki Naito/Zebra" and released on the MCA label in 1989. The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow states "The performances are moody and has its colorful moments
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  • forest: the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
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zebra wood coffee table - Butler Specialty
Butler Specialty Oval Cocktail Table Zebra Stripe Finish - 1591191
Butler Specialty Oval Cocktail Table Zebra Stripe Finish - 1591191
1591191 Artist's Originals is a collection of fine furniture hand-painted by accomplished artists. The paintings feature florals, chinoiserie, abstracts and stripes, among other classical motifs. Each piece is unique - an original piece of art for your home. Like any piece of fine art, each Artist's Originals piece is designed to be the brightest spot in any room. Features: -Oval cocktail table. -Artist's Originals collection. -Distressed zebra stripe finish. -Constructed of solid woods and wood products. -Unique textured hand painted design. -Lower shelf for display purposes. -Assembly required. -Manufacturer provides 1 year warranty.

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15th March - beatle boys?
15th March - beatle boys?
I'd been feeling a bit low on PAD motivation recently, and Annabel came up with this fabulous idea whilst we were nursing coffees in Starbucks. We left coats, bags & babycinos at the table and headed outside to give it a go. It took a good few attempts to get the boys all walking in the right direction and we got a lot of horrified looks from the other Starbucks customers as well as passing cars who kept stopping to let us cross whilst we tried to wave them on. Lots of fun though, and that's what has been missing from my PADing recently. It was only once I'd uploaded the photos from the camera and was looking at them on screen that I realised quite how negligent the photos of the two year olds crossing the road on their own look. Rather too caught up in the fun of the photo taking at the time to look at it objectively. Whoops.
The Coffee Table
The Coffee Table
Love to find one of a kind items to decorate by thrifting and at flea markets. Handmade vase, thrift find, perfect colors, wood tray thrift find. Coffe table from thrift store for $10 but I think it is from Ikea. Book with zebra print cover behind vase called Migratiions thrift find. Monkeys gift from Mom many years ago, Spiegel, rocks from my collection.

zebra wood coffee table
zebra wood coffee table
Orbit Cocktail Table Set in Zebra
BT200CAS / BT200E The eye-catching Orbit Coffee Table with Casters and End Table (Zebra Finish) brings that contemporary element you have been looking for home. With its sleek round design and unique cut out shelving, this table will be a great focal point to add to any room. Features: -Set includes cocktail table and end table. -Orbit collection. -Zebra finish. -Wood veneer construction. -Contemporary style. -Corner blocked. -Tongue and groove joints. -Cut out shelves. -Sleek round design. -Cocktail table comes with casters. -Manufacturer provides one year limited warranty.