Wood pub table set. Folding table set. Wooden table for sale.

Wood Pub Table Set

wood pub table set
    pub table
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Home Loft Concept WLK1244 Beaumont 5-piece Wood Pub Table Set - Natural/Black
Home Loft Concept WLK1244 Beaumont 5-piece Wood Pub Table Set - Natural/Black
Home Loft Concept WLK1244 This solid wood pub set will add charm to any dining room or kitchen. Key traits include clean lines, contemporary height, and a fine espresso finish. The sturdy, solid wood construction provides both function and confidence. Features: -5 Piece dining set. -Stylish, contemporary design. -Rich, solid wood finish in Espresso color. -Solid, Asian hardwood construction. -Table top features beveled edges. -Includes four dining chairs. -Ships ready to assemble with all necessary tools. Specifications: -Table dimensions: 40" W x 40" D x 36" H. -Chair dimensions: 17" W x 18" D x 40" H.

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11 . 31 Beautiful vs erm...
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Susquehanna Drift Wood
Susquehanna Drift Wood
walking the rivers edge occasionally yields me an interesting piece. this just looked like some old horn or seashell, so i cleaned it up, coated it with poly, and set it on the pub table for conversion.

wood pub table set
wood pub table set
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