Round glass cocktail tables : 36 inch round folding table.

Round Glass Cocktail Tables

round glass cocktail tables
  • an appetizer served as a first course at a meal
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The Engineer - 200 8327
The Engineer - 200 8327
Some time ago I bought the book "Light, Science & Magic" and I've finally got round to giving it a whirl. This is the bright-field lighting technique with added fill-flash. Strobist info: SB600 through shoot-through umbrella at 1/4 power shooting through second white diffuser with black card to the left and right, just out of frame. Second SB-600 with diffuser at 1/64 power below-right to add highlights and illuminate items on table. Both flashes triggered by CLS using a D200 in commander mode. Group A set to manual 1/4 and Group B to manual 1/64.
First Round
First Round
Day 83 of 365: "First Round" The beginning of a fun few hours with friends!

round glass cocktail tables
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