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Pine Side Tables

pine side tables
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$20 Rustic pine side table or TV stand
$20 Rustic pine side table or TV stand
I was using this as a TV stand for a 27" TV, but I've also used it as a side table. It has three drawers. Height: 2ft 2" Depth: 2ft 4" Width: 2ft 1" Side tables are very expensive new. They can run anywhere from $100-200. This is well made. I am offering it for only $30 because there is a crack on the left side of the piece, which was caused in the move, but was not caused by weight from the TV.
Apollo3 side coffee tables inter connected
Apollo3 side coffee tables inter connected
I designed these flat packed side tables to be interconnectable so you can attach as many and to what shape as you like to suit your space and requirements or have them individually on their own. Made of sustainable approved grown Australian hoop pine plywood. Manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand. Finished in eco friendly furniture oil. Packaged in clean reused cardboard.

pine side tables
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