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Decoração e Reciclagem: Mobile Gaiolas de papel
Decoração  e Reciclagem: Mobile Gaiolas de papel
Que coisas mais lindas essas gaiolinhas de papel. Quando eu achei eu disse pra mim mesma q ia tentar fazer. O fundo vc faz com um pote de plastico, aqueles de doce de leite cortado ao meio... e pode usar restos de papeis de presente ou scrapbook. E so encapar o potinho, fazer tiras de papel para as grades da gaiola, o passarinho vc acha varios moldes dee silhuetas pela internet. Da ate pra usar um galho de verdade e fazer folhinhas de papel ou tecido nele. Use a imaginacao. Achei na net.
Desk, Etc.
Desk, Etc.
I love love love this desk. I also have a dresser that matches it (it's in my mom's work room at the moment). They were also my Nana's. Both the desk and dresser are beat up, so I want to repaint them as well. I'm hoping my future place has an extra room or space that I can make my office, since I don't really like having my computer crammed into a bedroom. I'm tempted to paint the set a fun color... like a deep red or something. We'll see.

cheap home decoration
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