Butterfly leaf dining room table. Dining table base kits. Small round cocktail table

Butterfly Leaf Dining Room Table

butterfly leaf dining room table
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dining room furniture for sale
dining room furniture for sale
Duncan Phyfe Style Mahogany Butterfly Dining Table with table pads. Sits 4-6 with no leaf, or 8-10 with both leaves. 6 mahagony lattice back chairs with Italian upholstered fabric. Sturdy but can use some TLC to restore its glory - table top have scratches (leaves are fine) and chairs can be tightened. $300/set Walnut buffet - 2 side cabinets with 1 shelf and 3 deep drawers. Top drawer has a built in drawer for flatware. Great piece but has some chips. $150 Large oil painting in custom frame. An original oil painting on canvas by local artist of European villa setting - paid $1250 - asking $650.
Dining Room
Dining Room
The dining room needs a third coat of paint - you can't tell in this photo, but there are still lots of areas that you can see through to the old cream color. For now, though, this room is considered "done". (I just noticed that this photo is somewhat crooked - I apologize for that...at least that explains why it made me dizzy looking at it!)

butterfly leaf dining room table