Antique Coldspot Refrigerator

antique coldspot refrigerator
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antique coldspot refrigerator - HOW to
HOW to live with your freezer (Cold-Spot Freezer)
HOW to live with your freezer (Cold-Spot Freezer)
Here is a pamphlet titled: HOW to live with your freezer prepare food for freezing freeze and store food thaw and prepare food for the table. COLD SPOT FREEZER - Sears, Roebuck and Co. / copyright 1955. This booklet measures approx 7" by 10", has a stapled binding and 44 pages. It is printed on slick paper stock. The cover is in full color. The inside pages are all in B&W. The inside if FULL of photos and charts and line drawings to illustrate the text. the last page is a table of contents. The contents headings are: Getting Acquainted with your freezer; Freezing Fruit; Freezing Vegetables; Freezing Meats; Freezing Poultry; Freezing Fish and Seafood; Freezing Eggs and Other Dairy Products; Freezing Pastries and Other Baked Goods; Freezing Prepared (pre-cooked) Foods; Packaging Materials; Recipes; Menus.

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Sears Coldspot Recipe Book
Sears Coldspot Recipe Book
A recipe book from the late 40s-early 50s. It is all about getting food economy out of your Coldspot fridge.
Coldspot Service Contracts
Coldspot Service Contracts
I bought an old Coldspot refrigerator manual and this was still inside it. It appears to be from 1958.

antique coldspot refrigerator