Vintage Pub Tables : Round Cherry Pedestal Table : Birch Dining Room Table.

Vintage Pub Tables

vintage pub tables
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vintage pub tables - HomeStyles™ Pub
HomeStyles™ Pub Table Coffee finish
HomeStyles™ Pub Table Coffee finish
Relax for a little drink and conversation! Kick back with HomeStyles Bar Stools and Table. SAVE BIG! Laid back furniture for bringing the downtown pub experience home. Rugged, barroom-sturdy solid wood construction holds up to long nights. With a simple, stylish design you can drop right into your favorite entertaining area. Grab a few Stools to go with your existing bar or counter... or add the Table for even more space to tell those extra-tall tales. Just a little assembly is required, you'll have the whole set up and running in no time! Make your home the new after-hours hot spot in town! Order Now! 30" diameter top. Stands 35"h. Weighs approx. 36 lbs. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: HomeStyles Bar Stool with Back, Coffee finish - word search in our store for 'HomeStyles'. HomeStyles Pub Table, Coffee finish

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The Unwritten Life
The Unwritten Life
Scene VII - The meeting #flickrnovel #novel I stood outside on the street and the only thing that was in my mind was what the letter had said. It was a strange letter that had a message I couldn’t understand. Maybe I could ask about it from Sebastian now when I knew what it said to see what he says about it instead. I walked along the streets and this time I was looking for a shop to get something nice. When Sebastian saved me a few nights ago I was wearing only a skirt, shirt and a jacket, that’s all. Since then I had borrowed his clothes, but I thought it was the time to get something more comfortable to wear. I ended up going to a vintage store that sells unique clothes. It was a small place and it was covered with stuff. The salesperson asked if she could help me and was I searching something specific. I answered that yes, a simple flapper styled dress to wear in special occasions. I wanted to surprise Sebastian in the evening and dress pretty just for him. The lady in the shop found a black dress which was half long and quite open at the decollete. It looked fabulous on me – sexy, but not too fancy. She also found me skirts and shirts that I could use daily with fairly decent price so I took them also. After I had found the clothes I went to a grocery store to find dinner supplies. I planned to make simple dinner of fresh vegetables and goat cheese and with some red wine. I smiled on the way back to his apartment and when I entered I remembered why I had left there. The text in the mirror came back to haunt my mind. I tried to forget it for now and concentrate on other things. I took the letter from my pocket and placed it on top of the book it had been inside of. After that I went to repair the dinner as it was starting to be evening already and he would be getting off work soon. Evening came fast and I felt restless. I knew that he would have the appointment at the bar at 10 pm and I was wondering if I should be in that place at the same time, too. It was 9 o’clock and I counted the minutes. The bar wasn’t too far where we lived and I was thinking about the options still. At 9:40 I took my jacket and went outside. I had to see what was going on and what that paper had been all about. The night was dark and the street lamps were shining their soft warm light at the cold ground. I stood outside the bar and then I saw Sebastian standing near the entrance. I was lucky that he didn’t see me, so I stayed in the shadows. After I had stood there for 5 minutes I saw some man that went to speak with him. The man looked a bit familiar but I couldn’t really see well who he was. I was thinking what options I got. I could either go there or play that I got there by accident or then I could just let it be and trust in Sebastian’s word. It didn’t feel good to sneak out on him and as I saw that he was laughing with that man I understood that it wasn’t anything too serious. I left quietly from the shadows back to home and just when I got back there Sebastian sent me a text message that he would be home soon. So suddenly I was having a hurry to dress up and put the dinner at the table with some candles I had found while cleaning earlier. I put some soft jazz playing and tried to relax a little even when my mind was constantly busy with the things I had heard and seen earlier today. I heard a key in the door and then he was home. I smiled as he entered into the room. He looked at me long as I was drinking a glass of wine while waiting him in the red velvet chair. I know I was looking beautiful; his eyes were exploring my body from head to toes. I asked him to sit down and he sat opposite me. I offered him wine and dinner and he was smiling softly while staring at me intensely. He started to talk about the day and how it had been going. I asked about that didn’t you get off at 8 and he answered yes, but he had to meet someone. “I see, and who was that person you were meeting at?” I asked. He looked at me and said that actually it was the person to whom he had promised to take good care of me. I was totally surprised by that answer. I didn’t know that someone had said so or that he had promised anything like that expect to a doctor. Then he said that it was the doctor and it was a friend of his. He had left the paper under the door because he didn’t want to wake up us in the middle of the night. I felt a relief and I was glad then that I didn’t go to distract them at the pub. I had made the right decision. We ate slowly and all that time I felt warm chemistry between us. I decided to ask about the letter some other time. His eyes were burning in mine and I started to feel feelings I didn’t have felt in a long time. I started to blush and he asked me is everything all right? I said that it couldn’t be any better. The music was playing a slow tune and suddenly he stood up and came to ask me to dance with him. How could I really resist such an offer after all that burn in my body he had made me feel? He was kee
A Days Work is done
A Days Work is done
Waggon at the (original) Ettamogah Pub 'Ettamogah', Table Top, Albury, NSW, Australia faux vintage processing © Dirk HR Spennemann 2009, All Rights Reserved ========================================================================= I appreciate your feedback. By all means, please comment, critique my work, and fave the picture! Invites are also welcome, but please do not post any comments with large group invite icons. These will be deleted. =========================================================================

vintage pub tables