Antique Carved Table

antique carved table
  • A collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age
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antique carved table - Natural Hand-Carved
Natural Hand-Carved Antique Replica Bali Coffee Table/Hall Bench
Natural Hand-Carved Antique Replica Bali Coffee Table/Hall Bench
This versatile piece can double as a bench or coffee table ; Our beautiful work of furniture art highlights most any decor. Crafted of stylish natural water hyacinth accented with solid mahogany, it is reinforced with extra bracing and stretcher bars for years of wear. Whether as a bench in the hallway, a seat at the foot of a bed or a coffee table in the den, this made-in-Bali chameleon blends comfort and functionality with distinctive style.
Recommended for indoor use only.

48?"Wx20?"Dx18?"H. 30 lbs.

79% (11)
Carved antique Chinese table with folding and locking legs. The original lacquer finish is distressed in places and utilized the older lacquering technique of pina gau. The lacquer finish is reddish-brown and has accents of gold paint around the rounded legs. The leg stretchers and carrying handles are of a carved dragon. The legs fold underneath the table and lock in place via a wooden latch. The waist is beaded and the apron is nicely carved.
This cabinet sets on top of a curved stand with horse hoof feet. The doors are carved with images of dragons. The doors open to reveal a generous storage area, including two drawers. The front and sides have a light brown finish; with the back being unfinished and painted black. Brass hinges and pulls. Could work as a coffee table

antique carved table
antique carved table
Carved Edge Antique Wood End Table
Carved Edge Antique Wood End Table Update your living room with this Classic Carved Edge style End Table with underneath shelf. This table features detailed carvings along the sides, and a blended wood inlay top. The blended brown wood finish accentuates the intricate carvings that provide touch and style to stand the test of time. This end table is the perfect addition to your classically styled living room. Specifications - Dimensions: 28"Dia., 23"H - Style Type: Antique - Materials: Dense Pressed Wood - Color: Brown - Pieces: 1 - Finish: Blended Wood Additional Information: Manufacturer - Visiondecor Instructions - Assembly Required