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Oak Park Router Table

oak park router table
    router table
  • A router table is a stationary woodworking machine in which a vertically orientated spindle of a woodworking router protrudes from the machine table and can be spun at speeds typically between 3000 and 24,000 rpm. Cutter heads (router bits) may be mounted in the spindle chuck.
    oak park
  • A village in northeastern Illinois, west of Chicago; pop. 53,648
  • Oak Park or Oaks Park is the name of some places around the world.
  • Oak Park, Illinois is a suburb bordering the west side of the city of Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, United States. It is the twenty-fifth largest municipality in Illinois.
  • Oak Park is a station on the Chicago Transit Authority's 'L' system situated between the Ridgeland and Harlem stations on the Green Line. It is located at Oak Park Avenue and South Boulevard in the village of Oak Park, Illinois and is closest station to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.
oak park router table - Bosch RA1181
Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table
Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table
The Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table provides a premium large work surface for woodworking and routing. Designed to fit a variety of routers and able to mount on any workbench, this router table is a versatile piece of equipment that will serve as an indispensable part of any woodworking shop. And its 2-1/2-inch dust collection port offers better dust collection for a healthier work environment. The large aluminum top makes the table both durable and portable.

The RA1181 fits a variety of routers and features featherboards that adjust for a range of stock sizes.View larger.

The Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table kit includes:
RA1181 Benchtop Router Table
Set of three mounting-plate insert rings
Hardware for mounting most Bosch routers
Two adjustable featherboards
Adjustable clear guard
Starter pin and guard
Two outfeed fence shims (1/16 inch)

Designed for Versatility and Precision
Thanks to its versatile design, the RA1181 lets you work with a variety of materials while ensuring precision with every cut. With a tall aluminum fence measuring 4-7/8 x 25-1/8 inches (HxL), the table handles tall stock with ease. The fence also features adjustable MDF face plates for better support and smoother operation.
The rigid aluminum router mounting plate stays flat and true for precise, accurate cuts, and for added versatility, it's pre-drilled to fit a variety of routers.
The easy-to-use featherboards attach to the fence and table and are fully adjustable to fit a variety of workpieces. They provide additional support and control while feeding stock across the routing table.
Dust Collection Port and Accessory Slot
The RA1181's powerful dust collection system excels at dust removal. It features one dust collection port for removing dust and debris, and it fits standard-sized 2-1/2-inch vacuum hoses.
Use the accessory slot to add additional featherboards, as well as 3/4-inch optional accessories, such as any miter gauge measuring 3/4 inch x 3/8 inch deep.
The RA1181 Benchtop Router Table measures 27 x 14-1/2 x 18 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 30 pounds. It has a maximum fence opening of 3-3/16 inches and a maximum throat opening of 3-5/8 inches. It is backed by Bosch's one-year limited warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, and one-year service protection plan.
What's in the Box
RA1181 Benchtop Router Table, set of three mounting-plate insert rings, mounting hardware, two adjustable featherboards, adjustable clear guard, starter pin and guard, and two 1/16-inch outfeed fence shims.

The RA1181's high aluminum fence accepts tall stock and has adjustable MDF face plates for added support.View larger.

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router table fence 013
router table fence 013
My new router table fence made from 10/4 poplar. That's 2 1/2 inches thick. I drilled a 4" hole thru it, and cut an arch into the face of it to allow suction thru the front where the action is. I may add a hole thru the table and connect it to the bottom side of the table to suck up the pieces that go downwards. I attached it with draw bolts (for under counter tops). This worked out well, I don't need to hold the bottom while I loosen, or tighten the bolts. It has interchangeable face plates of varying thicknesses too. I run the ands of the face plates past the router bit I am using with the t-square to make a perfect fit around the bits. No place for the piece to slip into the bit this way. This is all mounted right in my tablesaw drop table. I made a t-square channel, and a featherboard chanel. I also wired in a switch so I don't have to open the door to turn the router on and off. The 3 1/4 HP adjustable speed router makes a HUGE difference also.
Router Table
Router Table
Finished product. I had to put a little double-faced tape to aligne the 2 MDF fence pieces so they were 90 degrees pependicular to the surface but otherwise it ran out fine.

oak park router table
oak park router table
Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table
Includes ProTop Contractor Router Table - 40-001

Don't let its compact size fool you. The award-winning Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table makes use of a unique forward offset router location and the dual-position ProFence to provide as much usable work surface as most full-size router tables. Designed to be durable, easy to move around the job site, and ready to accept any router, it provides the versatility, stability, and guidance you need to complete precision projects safely.

The ProTop Contractor Benchtop Table adds versatility and precision to your router setup. View larger.
Versatile Design for Precision Work
Whether you're a professional craftsperson or a serious do-it-yourselfer, a router table like the ProTop Contractor lets you tackle jobs that would be difficult or impossible to complete precisely with a handheld router.
A top-quality fence is critical to the performance of any router table system, and this system relies on the feature-loaded ProFence. Its heavy-duty, one-piece aluminum frame is fully machined on the front and bottom surfaces to ensure it's flat, true, and square. Easy-adjust sub-fences and bit guard are also included.
The ProTop Contractor provides a flexible setup that can be adjusted to project-specific needs, with an aluminum miter accessory track that is adjustable to fit all standard miter gauges, plus accessory T-slots on both the table and fence that are perfect for mounting featherboards, stops, fence risers, and switches. This allows you to accommodate the full range of router applications, from cutting dadoes and slots to crafting precise joints. For work with large panels, this table also offers dual fence slots, so you can flip the fence around quickly and easily.
An integrated 2-1/2-inch dust port fits standard shop vac hoses to help keep your work area clear of debris for safety, visibility, and operator comfort.
Dependable Construction for Tough Jobs
The non-marring laminate top is built using stress-skin construction for strength and flatness, and it measures 24 x 16 inches to provide a large work area. Exclusive twin steel rails support your router, while the enclosed birch plywood cabinet reduces dust and noise, and its solid panel construction makes it stronger than cheap plastic or stamped steel stands. The cabinet's rubber feet prevent table slippage and double as isolation mounts for dramatically reduced vibration.
This table's setup will accept any router, and the included router plate is predrilled to make installation extra-easy for most popular routers from leading brands like Craftsman, DeWalt, Fein, Hitachi, Makita, Ryobi, and Skil. The 15-inch inside-cabinet height provides plenty of space for whatever router you use, plus room for Bench Dog's ProLift and other accessories (not included).
This portable router table weighs just 40 pounds, and it requires assembly. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
About Bench Dog
Bench Dog offers a growing line of router tables, safety accessories, and tools for everyone from building and woodworking professionals to schools and serious beginners.
The company began in 1995 with Norston Fontaine, Karen Slatter, and the simple idea that great tools are the result of great design and solid engineering. Since then, Bench Dog tools have received an enthusiastic response from customers, trade publications, and the woodworking community at large.
What's in the Box
Table top, fence, dust port, bit guard, miter track, pre-drilled router insert plate, mounting screws, and cabinet.