Cheap black console table - 8 person square dining table.

Cheap Black Console Table

cheap black console table
    console table
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Vintage Tri-ang Queen Anne Period Scale Model Console Table 1930's
Vintage Tri-ang Queen Anne Period Scale Model Console Table 1930's
Lovely Tri-ang Queen Anne Console table. Only two original legs remaining, the front one just helps it stand up! I don't know who made the chair. The gong is by B.C.M.O.(Derby) Ltd, and is 1950's. Unfortunately, all of the Tri-ang furniture has been damaged through the years- well played with I expect! . It has been re painted/ re varnished/ stuck back together or has had new parts (badly) made.
Console Table - $25
Console Table - $25
Wood console table, washed in a cream paint. Dimensions are 48 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 28 inches tall. Top is glass. Price: $25.

cheap black console table