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Butterfly Canopy

butterfly canopy
  • A showy or frivolous person
  • diurnal insect typically having a slender body with knobbed antennae and broad colorful wings
  • An insect with two pairs of large wings that are covered with tiny scales, usually brightly colored, and typically held erect when at rest. Butterflies fly by day, have clubbed or dilated antennae, and usually feed on nectar
  • flutter like a butterfly
  • a swimming stroke in which the arms are thrown forward together out of the water while the feet kick up and down
  • A fluttering and nauseated sensation felt in the stomach when one is nervous
  • cover with a canopy
  • Cover or provide with a canopy
  • the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit
  • the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air

Canopy tour Mindo - Ecuador '08
Canopy tour Mindo - Ecuador '08
At the end of my Ecuador trip (one month) I lost my camera, sadly enough. My once in a lifetime mistake was that I didn't upload my pictures from the camera during this month, apart from a few a the beginning. Stupid me!!!!! So unfortunately this set of small sized images is all I have left :-(. The quality is pretty bad, but I wanted to share them anyway. At least the vivid and very fond memories will stay in my heart forever. I love Ecuador, it's a stunning (and still pretty authentic) place on earth.
Butterfly Heliconius erato petiverana.
Butterfly Heliconius erato petiverana.
The incoming butterfly's proboscis is laden with pollen. It will secrete digestive juices down its proboscis to breakdown the pollen for absorbtion.

butterfly canopy
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