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Sofa Arm Tables

sofa arm tables
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sofa arm tables - Talus Sofa
Talus Sofa Over Arm Caddy Organizer
Talus Sofa Over Arm Caddy Organizer
Our Sofa Over Arm Caddy allows you to organize your magazines remote controls eye glasses your cell phone TV Guide or anything you need near you while you are sitting on the sofa or in your recliner. This family room organizer stores all the stuff that gets lost or slides under the cushion. The chair arm caddy features pockets for storing your crossword puzzle glasses or remote plus it has a tray to provide a flat stable surface for a beverage or a snack on top of your sofa or chair's arm. The Sofa Over-Arm Remote Organizer has a durable fabric construction in blue. One side of the organizer features two large pockets for full-size magazines while the other side has one large pocket and three smaller pockets for pens glasses and remotes. The flat surface in the center features short sides on all sides to keep small items from sliding off while making a perfect snack table right where you need it. Sofa Over Arm Caddy Features: Durable fabric over a wire frame which forms around t

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Teak sofa table
Teak sofa table
This small side table was designed to fit into a small space at the end or arm of a sofa. This is why it is quite small for its small footprint. The splay on the legs helps with stability. The legs are wedged into rails which run in tapered slidind dovetail slots in the underneath of the tabletop. This locks the legs in, keeps the top flat and also allows it to be relatively easily flat packed. The legs are planned octagonal so it can be made without a lathe.
2008 International furniture show Milan, Italy
2008 International furniture show Milan, Italy
Modern sofas and sofa beds. New modular sofa with functionality. Now a sofa can transform and change in few steps like this new sofa: each seat slides forward to become a comfortable chaise lounge. The side arm pillow can be removed and reveal a small side table in leather which rotates to position above the seat. Useful for reading or like a tray. Available in fabric,leather or mix colors and textures!

sofa arm tables
sofa arm tables
6 Pocket Arm Rest Organizer w/ Table-top the Arm Rest Organizer From Trademark Is the Perfect Addition to Any Family Room Couch or Chair
The arm rest organizer from Trademark is the perfect addition to any family room couch or chair. With six built-in compartments, this versatile organizer stores remote controls, eyeglasses, program guides and other belongings neat and tidy right at your favorite seat. The organizer also features a 18 x 7 inch table top perfect for food, drinks, note taking and more. Arm rest grip adjusts to fit any size couch or chair in seconds. Features include: Quickly organize and store all your favorite TV accessories Six large pockets Large 18 x 7 inch table top Adjustable design firs any size arm rests on couches and chairs Dimensions: 12 x 7.25 x 8.375 inches Includes retail packaging