Antique baking table - Dining table with storage underneath - Wood round dining room table

Antique Baking Table

antique baking table
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antique baking table - Dale Tiffany
Dale Tiffany PA500199 Pasque Flower Decorative Pot, 7-1/4-Inch by 5-1/4-Inch
Dale Tiffany PA500199 Pasque Flower Decorative Pot, 7-1/4-Inch by 5-1/4-Inch
The Dale Tiffany Collection is the world's foremost collection of fine Art Glass Lighting and Home Accents. Dale Tiffany employs only the highest quality hand-rolled art glass and the same high quality copper foil and hand leading technique originally developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany more than 100-year ago. Renowned for their quality workmanship and impeccable attention to detail, Dale Tiffany has recaptured the artistry and craftsmanship perfected by L.C. Tiffany in his original creations. Since every Dale Tiffany piece is individually crafted, no two are exactly alike and each becomes its own truly unique heirloom piece. Traditionally elegant, classically styled, and made to the highest quality standards, Dale Tiffany lighting and home accents are sure to enrich, enliven, and add unique character to any room.

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Well-looking and kataleh khour cave is lied on 162 kilometer south of town that is available (arrivall) from asphaited path of zanjan-soltanieh-khodabandeh-garmab and by zanjan-bijar-garmab way also , by Hamadon-kabod ahang is accessable. this cave has about 7 kilomete far away from Garmab city. Ascribzd of cave vented to upper parts bosed on some reaserchs , kataleh khour has some different meaning as : sun-mount : village whithout sun and others. more suitable meaning had a turiksh enduse, here , kataleh is terrain relife and roekiness of cave and khour is meaning easiness and simpleness , and totally is meaning all of easy and simple terrain relife. according to scientific opinian (sentiment) and geology graph , katalehkhor has created into sagizlo mountain in the Aligomiosen lime (calsium oxide) that is realated to third period of geology Almost , about 30 milion years it could have oldness (Ancientness). the birthyear of this cave for first time is'nt obvious by human , but Garmab people's had traffic into this cave from generation years and Garmab of old people's saying and neibor village ,show taht their father and elder had traffic and their stories is envince this mother. Also , by fabled stories , somel people had gone into cave and in returning they couldn't find .their path and lost , but after some days ,they were found by Garmab 's people . outward opinian had traingle shop whit 70 centimeter that was single way of accessible into cave and now it is .due to (because of) a torrent or midstream that was run in front of cave , input of cave is placed alittle upper and on the slope of mountain . after this matter , torrent was intervented to upper parts.this outward was natural untill 1372 ,but after this year it was changed and reopened by 1 and reclamation assistance of zanjan ethnarch.In primitive exploration by organs it has aparted to ward . left about 15 meter that was related the beside comidox of cave.ulteriorly it had a way from outside of cave on parallel whit out ward (input) to , it is using as a waiting saloon (hall) . pirmitive input is closed because they were going to prevent some damages.this place is named yort yeri by tropical people . it is meaning the living place of people by their forefather in turkish language. some skeleton and discerption antique pottery was found in the cave and according to research , it had belonged to end of second AID . fasico which this objects were lost or buried art this place. the composition of cave for first time has had the affect of acidual (asidesis) water and solution of lime mass that white coloure of cuttlebone on the wall of first flat has had several white line , of course at the some parts not all. it shows about of emptying (draining) to lower flats . in subsequent stages of geology , the water of first flat was solutionable and now , in term of geology , this area was hoisted by solutionable watr of first flat which isseen in lusterousshap on the flat that it has drained to low parts this carbonat waer has solved the lime mass and compossed the lower flats. this event also has happened in lower flat . now this cave has has three dry flat and fourth flat from other ways is full of water (watery) and gelogistis supposed the composition of four other flat underground water.becouse (dueto) German and swilzerland geologistis survaeyed this cave was 30 kilometer from several ways in 2003 A.D . since 72 till now , it is prapered. for traffic about 512 kilometer. input of cave to ward third way , the starting path is norrow and should be move an burst and all the roof and falt are distrubanced and this changes is decreased step by step into cave . It is visitable (we are able to visite) naturally by diffused light.According to saying , this cave is second world cave to profitby the acreage (long) . and its beautifulness is first cave in all over the werld. some specific charaters give the special prentnse to this cave . this pretens is created by comidox and runway (passage way) and huge column and existance of stalogm and statigits at different colours and several blank cresset and reedy cresset which are scare cresset around the werld . the style of composition of stalagmits , sometime they grow toward different way's and it has created a wee-looking texture on the roof . cressest are in different shapes as asleep lion , paw of lion , foot of element , bride dress , evulsion of candle , Deer-dog , hand of clemon , adust lam , the virgin (mary) , two magic espousal table bride and bridegroom. Geologistis say , there is some other ways (oath) because they couldn't find the end of cave and this matter upprove their opinia.they had found some animal's fessil which hasn't belonged to latter-day's animal skeleton ' it is probably for afore period , of caurse , complete specification requisite conveys . some of their pieces vanished naturally and only the head of one complete fossil has destroyed by wrangful trafic before gov
The view from our hotel in Paris
The view from our hotel in Paris
Bob's Log: FRIDAY MAY 20 ---The journey--- Find Eurostar terminal jammed! Proceed through long lines and heavy security. Make it through with only 9 minutes to spare. Whisk across British countryside. (Smooth train!) A few minutes in the dark (in the Chunnel). Whisk across French countryside. (Sunshine!) Arrive in Paris at Gare du Nord. It's warm. Yay! Confusion. Find wrong ticket machine for RER. Fail to locate BNP ATM. Find another wrong ticket machine. Wait in line at 3rd machine. Won't respond. Glacially slow. Cancel! Is it cancelling? Fail to converse in French well enough to get help from people behind in line. Give up and go to ticket window. Buy tickets. Try to go through turnstile. (Like U.K., but quirky). B: Get trapped like an animal between turnstile and gate. Watch helplessly as passer-by try to help but can't. C: get through with help from kind native. J: go through B's gate successfully, un-sticking B in process (phew!). Find correct track (voie). Board double-decker train (T is impressed). Note major gaps, yet nobody is telling you to mind them. Struggle off train at Gare du Lyon. Try to find correct exit (Sortie). Go to wrong level. Find completely wrong Sortie but take it anyhow ....must get out of this madhouse! Walk around station to Hotel. Cute. Stuff Tommy and four suitcases (stacked) on tiny elevator. Find room 30 - small but nice, at front, view of the Gare. Very nice new bathroom. Sigh of relief! Rest. ---Walk/picnic--- Pass Place be la Bastille. (Impressive monument. Tommy: "Whoa, what's that!!!" Antique show on. Lots of motorcycles, scooters, cars, people -- very lively.) Pass many boulangeries delicieux, Smell of baking bread makes mouths water. Shop for food in big confusing dept store (Monoprix) with basement supermarche (bad Rick Steves recommendation - we're starting not to like that guy), Get yellow cloth with cute design, picnic mat (fail to find oil cloth table cloth as J desired) Wander down picturesque tiny back street to Ile St Louis. Decide to go to left bank (more/better grass). Have a picnic. Watch les chiens Francais at play (briefly befriend one little guy). Watch make-out couples on benches across the Seine. Watch barges, bateaux mouche and batobus go past. Play in playground (T). Raindrops? Non! Pas possible! Walk along Seine toward Hotel. Many interesting sculptures. Drops stop. Tap dancer practicing in marble semi-circle ampitheatre. T begins to dance but won't submit to video. T plays on metal bath tub & tube sculpture. Jardins des Plantes bekons. Parents: "Let's go!" Children: "Moan!!!" (we go) Palatial gardens. More drops. Walk back to Hotel. Get gateaux chocolat, mousse and tartes for desert. Watch french TV and try to figure out what is being said. Take a bath (T,B). Sleep.

antique baking table
antique baking table
Authentic Chinese Wooden Oval Mooncake Mold - Floral Design
The vintage wooden mooncake molds from Reorient are each individually hand carved. Each was originally produced in China during the late 1970s, soon after the Cultural Revolution. Though over 30 years old these mooncake molds are unused and like new. They were stored away in unmarked crates in the back of a Hong Kong warehouse until the explorer buyers from Reorient discovered them. Each shows the true character of handcrafted wood carved with simple traditional tools. This oval mooncake mold imprints an intricate flower design on the top of your mooncake. Collectors of antiques will find these mooncake molds to be a unique look into Chinese history. Bakers will enjoy these traditional mooncake molds for both their simplicity and authenticity and for making mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Chinese Moon Festival. According to the Chinese Calendar the Moon Festival falls every year on the 15th day of the 8th month. Mooncakes are said to have played a key role in the rise of the Ming Dynasty as secret messages were hidden inside the mooncakes or encrypted in their intricate designs.