Silver baby picture frame. I think my baby is constipated

Silver Baby Picture Frame

silver baby picture frame
    picture frame
  • A picture frame is a container for a picture, such as a painting or photograph, intended to enhance it, make it easier to display, or protect it.
  • A Frame (q.v.) which forms a border surrounding and protecting an image or document to enhance it and to provide a mechanical means of support either for hanging or for standing the item in order to display it to best effect.
  • a framework in which a picture is mounted
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  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born
  • A young or newly born animal
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silver baby picture frame - Carter's Year
Carter's Year of Photos Frame - Silver
Carter's Year of Photos Frame - Silver
Carter's Year of Photos Frame, Silver
Carter's Year of Photos frame in silver makes a wonderful gift for any new parent. It is an elegant way of displaying the most cherished memories of baby's first year. This frame measures 9.44" x 11.44" and holds 13 photos. It perfectly displays a year of photos, highlighting baby's first year milestones.

Features include:

•Silver keepsake frame measures 9.44" x 11.44"
•Item is elegantly wrapped for easy gift giving
•Perfectly displays a year of photos, highlighting baby's first year milestones
•Item is a wonderful addition to any nursery
•Wonderful gift for any new parent

88% (10)
w13p - I am Sam
w13p - I am Sam
1) I'll be honest, this week is one of the toughest I've had to work on. However, the poem I chose I felt I had few ideas that were managable. For this picture I printed off three separate sheets with various professions mentioned in Alex's poem and made lines through them to show how these are not what the poet identifies himself as, yet. Of course leaving "student" small, and un-dashed to show how these words are the only ones to which is identified with. I chose to use an irregular pattern to emulate the kind of chaos a student feels at this stage of life, and the size of given professions to show the stress or pull some of the vocations may take. 2) Though there is a lack of color in this picture, there are many shades of gray, and I used these shades to yet again show emphasis of certain jobs, and their appeal over others (the jobs themselves, however, were not chosen for any particular reason). Secondly, I wanted some of the words to come out partially out of focus, to do this, I used three layers of paper, each with their own words, and stacked them on top of each other, using light to show the letters from deeper pages. 3) The direction of light is from behind, and this is for obvious reasons, I wanted to capture the text from pages beneath the top sheet. 4) I had numerous challenges to overcome for this photo. First being a proper exposure when the light source is coming through the subject and into the lens. This in tandem with an inability to use my tripod (because of where the subject needed to be) I had to turn my ISO up, and keep my aperture low so that I could have a shutter speed fast enough to take this shot by hand. Sharpness was my next issue, as I had to get in close to take this picture, and my lenses don't allow for much wiggle room when it comes to getting a sharp image in such close proximity. 5) This week I chose to create a picture based upon symbolism. Most everything on this picture had an intent or purpose, through shape, line, focus, shade, and size every element within this composition has some sort of symbolic meaning to it. Even the placement of the lightsource, which I tried to focus over a predominately empty area, giving off -to me- a feeling of aimlessness or confusion. 6) This week was very very difficult for me. I couldn't quite get a feel for any of the poems, and the ones I felt I could, weather was not permitting for a decent shot in the time frame I had. For those who are curious, the text was printed using Microsoft Works Word Processor with the font "Century Gothic." The poem I chose to use was: Who am I? (For Dr. Suess) I am Sam I am Sam Sam I am I am not mas, asm, am, or even as. I am not a pilot who brings your family together. I am not a cop who stops the robber from stealing your purse. I am not a fireman who rescues your cat, Tabby, from a burning building. I am not a teacher who gives you a new outlook on life. I am not a cowboy who shoots the bad guy square in the chest during a duel. I am not a doctor who saves your baby boy from certain death. I am not an astronaut who waits his whole life for launch day. I am not a cook who creates the most delectable dish you’ve ever tasted. I am not a C.E.O. who makes the decision to take a pay cut just to save your job. I am not a celebrity who changed the way you see things. I am not an artist who gives you a new perspective on the way you see silver ware. I am not a designer who makes the most beautiful dress from only garbage bags. I am but a student, Who has the rest of my life to make up my mind. by Alex Fischels
MONTSERRAT - Mare de Deu
MONTSERRAT - Mare de Deu
ON AN INFANT DYING AS SOON AS BORN I saw where in the shroud did lurk A curious frame of Nature's work; A floweret crush'd in the bud, A nameless piece of Babyhood, Was in her cradle-coffin lying; Extinct, with scarce the sense of dying: So soon to exchange the imprisoning womb For darker closets of the tomb! She did but open an eye, and put A clear beam forth, then straight up shut For the long dark: ne'er more to see Through glasses of mortality. Riddle of destiny, who can show What thy short visit meant, or know What thy errand here below? Shall we say that Nature blind Check'd her hand, and changed her mind, Just when she had exactly wrought A finish'd pattern without fault? Could she flag, or could she tire, Or lack'd she the Promethean fire (With her nine moons' long workings sicken'd) That should thy little limbs have quicken'd? Limbs so firm, they seem'd to assure Life of health, and days mature: Woman's self in miniature! Limbs so fair, they might supply (Themselves now but cold imagery) The sculptor to make Beauty by. Or did the stern-eyed Fate descry That babe or mother, one must die; So in mercy left the stock And cut the branch; to save the shock Of young years widow'd, and the pain When single state comes back again To the lone man who, reft of wife, Thenceforward drags a maimed life? The economy of Heaven is dark, And wisest clerks have miss'd the mark, Why human buds, like this, should fall, More brief than fly ephemeral That has his day; while shrivell'd crones Stiffen with age to stocks and stones; And crabbed use the conscience sears In sinners of an hundred years. Mother's prattle, mother's kiss, Baby fond, thou ne'er wilt miss: Rites, which custom does impose, Silver bells, and baby clothes; Coral redder than those lips Which pale death did late eclipse; Music framed for infants' glee, Whistle never tuned for thee; Though thou want'st not, thou shalt have them, Loving hearts were they which gave them. Let not one be missing; nurse, See them laid upon the hearse Of infant slain by doom perverse. Why should kings and nobles have Pictured trophies to their grave, And we, churls, to thee deny Thy pretty toys with thee to lie-- A more harmless vanity? (Charles Lamb)

silver baby picture frame
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